photo – Dainius Cepla

best things happen when you don’t plan them – this rule has been stalking me forever. you might think this outfit was prepared weeks before but the story doesn’t sound like that at all. 
two hours before the INZI show I came to Toma’s loft. I changed my clothes, did a quick make up. I was completely unsatisfied with my look but luckily, Toma took us to ALL IS ONE studio which was a life saver. 
thanks to Virginija Valeišaitė, we both had a chance to wear these breathtaking outfits for the night. 

photos by Sandra and me

this morning I have scrolled down through my favorite blogs and there were so many apologies for being silent and not posting! i could be one of them, but honestly, i don’t see the reason to make excuses. everybody needs holidays in summer, don’t you think? 
even though, i’ve realized how much i forgot to share with you here. so, i’ll try to fix my mistakes. 
few weeks ago square team was invited to visit H&M showroom in Vilnius. that day only you could see/touch/try on the latest fall/winter ’14 collection which was also showed during the Paris Fashion Week. love it all, i wouldn’t mind if some pieces accidentally slipped in my wardrobe. now would be the perfect timing. of course i couldn’t resist and tried on the most amazing piece of the collection – this shiny suit with oversized jacket. it might look really extravagant or a bit strange on the hanger but once you try it on it’s hard to take it off. i can totally imagine myself at a party looking like this.  
4th September is the magic date, wait for it to see everything in stores!
more photos HERE

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 kelionę į Rygos Mados Savaitę pradedam! 
kaip matote, Sandrą iškeitėme į Renault Captur, už tai ačiū Lautra Motors.
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wishes kisses!
our trip to Riga Fashion Week starts now!
thanks to Lautra Motors, we a have a new member instead of Sandra

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