When days are freezing and dark like that, the only thing you can do to fight this November moodiness is drown yourself in sunny memories that hopefully will give you at least a bit of warmth. That’s exactly what I did yesterday and I realized that I haven’t shared even one pic here. September and the beginning of October I spent in my beloved Italy and it was a blast! Not only because Italy is always amazing, but since I used to live there for almost two years, it was great to see all my favourite places and favourite people once again. I also went down to Liguria for week, simply to have some time for myself, which was the cherry on top – I loved it so much!

This post is not a guide to travelling in Italy. It’s more like a fun snapshot diary. So many things I’ve done and places I’ve visited are missing. However I hope you’ll enjoy bits of my autumnal Italian trip and next time I think I will prepare a proper guide for you guys. There are tons of things I could reccomend! Let me know if you think it’s a good idea too. Kisses!


ivoblog--milano-liguria-travel diary (3)

1/ Italian pizza // 2/ Bestie who came to see me all the way from Swiss // 3/ Sunny lovely blue sky

ivoblog--milano-liguria-travel diary (2)

4/ 5/ 6/ Espresso per favore



If you are following my instagram account , you definitely know all about my trip to Stockholm during fashion week a couple of weeks ago. It was the first time in the city for both me and @neretos, so we made sure we find the time to explore the beautiful Stockholm between all the fashion week events. In short, we loved it and we’re coming back 100%! Scroll down for a bunch of snapshots to see how great it all was:

ivoblog --- sfw-travel-stockholm 1

1/2/ The beautiful Stockholm // 3/ My travel outfit. Wearing H&M boots, Lindex denim jeans, vintage jacket, Levi’s turtleneck and a vintage bag. Bottle of water is in my hand, of course. Hydration!

ivoblog --- sfw-travel-stockholm 2

4/ Nereta exploring the city / 5/6/ More of the beautiful Stockholm. The first day we arrived there were no shows, so we were proper tourists

ivoblog --- sfw-travel-stockholm 2-2

7/ My beloved vintage Whiting and Davis bag in a fake french setting // 8/ My look for the first day of the fashion week // 9/ Metro life

ivoblog --- sfw-travel-stockholm 3

10/ Look number two. La Perla dress. vintage bag and sunglasses, cropped shirt and Finery London shoes // 11/ Details of the main venue for the SFW // 12/ Vintage shades and stripes fiesta


Here I am with the second part of Milan Fashion week snaps. From bathroom selfies to couture lingerie with diamond embroideries <3

Z 001 ivoblog---mfw-snapshots 16

1/ Favorite splash of color on my waist // 2 / Italian essentials in between the shows // 3 /4/ Tommy Zhong presentation // 5/6/ Grinko show

Z 002 ivoblog---mfw-snapshots 18-11 Z 003 ivoblog---mfw-snapshots

7 / Racine Carree cocktail party // 8 / Running around Milan in Mango dress and Escada coat on my waist // 9 / Beautiful interior on via Montenapoleone // 10/ Kenzo x I-D magazine party // 11/ Lor Rive by Lorena Rivero couture lingerie showroom

Z 004ivoblog---mfw-snapshots 9


Z 005ivoblog---mfw-snapshots 11

12/ 13/ 14/ Lor Rive by Lorena Rivero couture lingerie showroom // 15/ 2nd day of MFW, wearing Versace heel, sheer vintage dress with DIY trousers and a Hermes bag

Z 006 ivoblog---mfw-snapshots

Belated iphone snapshots from Milan Fashion Week, which was pretty much a week of running around the city. Not all of it, but you might have seen some of those pics on @ivoblog. Stay tuned for more!

001 ivoblog---mfw-snapshots 8

1 / United Colors of Benetton event at La Triennale di Milano // 2 / Palazzo Clerici // 3 / Hiding from the sun with Chloe shades, wearing sweater knitted by my mum and a Chanel bag

003 ivoblog---mfw-snapshots

5 / 6 / 7 / CDivertiamo presentation, Alain Tondowski footwear

004 ivoblog---mfw-snapshots 4

8 / Palazzo Clerici  // 9 / 10 / Fashion Shenzen // 12 / Wearing Zara boots, Chanel bag, handmade sweater and H&M leather skirt  // 13 / Daniela Gregis at Oratorio della Passione

005 ivoblog---mfw-snapshots 16-1-2


here are some latest pictures from my Insgtagram. today I realised that I haven’t done post like this for ages! melancholy of changing seasons is in the air and so it is on my Instagram profile. follow @ievaukanyte for more.


as a little girl, I always wanted my birthday to be in summer. February in Lithuania is often horribly windy and still extremely cold, leaving no chance of celebrating your birthday outside. 
so today I chose to spent some time in botanical gardens, all bright and covered in greenery.
smiling and happy, as you see! definitely proud to be 24 years old, I have really good expectations about this upcoming year and I’m also ready to work hard to make it happen. happy 24th to me!

it’s Sunday, it’s the last day of summer, so I thought that a little bit of nostalgia wouldn’t hurt. 
even though I have nothing against upcoming autumn, cause I’m sure it’s going to be great and coats are still my biggest passion, there is always something magical about summertime. 
this summer was so beautiful, so dynamic! I got my BA in photography and media arts, I became an aunt, I had the most amazing holidays at the seaside and Sūpynės festival was the highlight of June. as well as many other things, lots of small details that makes me smile just thinking of it. and then I moved to UK, where everything is going great and I’m enjoying every piece of new experiences here.
that was a season to remember, let’s raise our glasses for summer 2014! 

paprastai tokių konkursų vengiu, o ir ‘Panelė‘ nėra skaitomiausias mano žurnalas. tiesą sakant, čia tikriausiai antra nusipirkta ‘Panelė’ gyvenime.  
tačiau, vieną gražią dieną buvau itin geros nuotaikos ir nusprendžiau sudalyvauti. ar gailiuosi? tikrai ne. džiaugiuosi, kad buvau atrinkta, džiaugiuosi išlikusiais fotosesijos įspūdžiais ir manau, kad tikrai džiaugiuosi rezultatu.
ryškesnė nei visada ir truputį neįprasta pati sau. bet to ir norėjau, tad galiu drąsiai sakyti – viskas pavyko.
komplimentai komandai!

hair & make up – Julija Estko
photography – Algis Kriščiūnas
styling – Ieva Ukanytė

finally the results!
usually i avoid contests like this. and “Panele” magazine is not my favorite magazine, i think that’s the 2nd bought issue in my life. 
however, one beautiful day i was oddly cheerful and decided to participate. do i regret? NO for sure.
i’m more than happy that they’ve chosen me, i will certainly remember the whole photoshoot and i believe i’m really satisfied with the results.
brighter than usually and a little bit unfamiliar even for myself. but that’s what i wanted, so i can surely say out loud – everything paid off.

compliments for the team!