dress – HERE
clutch nr 1 (from the top) – HERE
clutch nr 2 – HERE
clutch nr 3 – HERE
ink painting – HERE

You have probably already seen the previous festive look inspiration on my blog. That was all about velvet and sparkle and more suitable for a Christmas party. This one here would be a perfect choice for New Years Eve, just look at the dress! It’s also a really affordable option and could definitely be worn many more times. Even for a daytime look, with a chunky knit cardigan and flare trousers underneath. But let’s leave it for 2017. For the last party of the year, you surely want to get in that cocktail mood, so show off your legs and add some sparkly accessories to make it 100 percent festive.


Crushed velvet trousers – HERE
Crushed velvet top – HERE
Beads cape – HERE
Gold ankle strap pumps – HERE
Earrings – HERE
Small shoulder bag – HERE

I don’t know why and how did this happen, but I’ve started to think about all the Christmas and New Years Eve outfits already. Although, who am I trying to fool. I know exactly why. After all, the festive season is a perfect time to get loose and wear as many sparkly things as you want! And it’s never too early to daydream about sparkle.


sleeveless turtleneck sweater – HERE

Those who follow me on instagram know that yes, I moved to Milan recently. So I escaped the lithuanian snowdrifts and I really can not complain about the freezing cold, but it is still winter.

And of course, the best way to keep yourself warm during these months is layering, knits and wool blends. The holly three that will help you to survive until March.

I had a good browse on StyleWe online shop and picked my favorites for you that are both stylish and practical in this winter weather.

StyleWe on Facebook / StyleWe on Instagram



coat – Fonnesbech
pendant dustball – STUDIO KAROLINA
boots – & other stories

It is a season of coats, obviously. And if you are about toinvest in one, this dark navy coat would be my top recommendation. Why? Well the answer is more than simple. The cut, the quality and THE color. No matter how boring that sounds, if you’re going for that one and only, it should be either black or navy. In this case, dark navy is above everything. Your perfect choice.
I probably couldn’t live with only one coat in my closet and usually there are like four or five that I wear on daily basis. However one of those five is definitely a black one and let’s be honest, I end up wearing it more than everyone thinks I am.
And while some of you might say that too many people are wearing dark colors already and it’s boring, I would say it’s simply beautiful and it’s boring only if you make it look so. Devil is in the details, so if you need some eccentricity in life, go crazy with accessorizing! Silver boots? Oh yes. Big hat? Of course. Pink nails? Go for it! As long as you feel good, everythingworks.


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“Rocking Pearl” bracelet – Veimotti

Hello hello! I think I’ve just reached a new level of elegance here. Meet my new daily companion, a perfect fit with a watch or without – a gold plated beauty from a lithuanian brand Veimotti. It was found not a while ago, however guys are doing a great job!

What really caught my eye when I first saw their jewelry, that it is a perfect balance of true classics and modern shapes. That is also a reason why Veimotti is really versatile. It doesn’t matter what age you are or what occupation you have – I’m pretty sure you will find something you love. I definitely did!




soft bra – Lindex

I’m not really that picky in life. Show me a weird shadow or a splash of light and I’ll be amazed. Give me a scone of ice-cream and I’ll be happy. Or.. a lovely set of lingerie and I’ll love you to the moon and back!


trousers – HERE
watch – HERE
ring – HERE
white top – HERE
bag – HERE
I don’t work in the office and even though I’m not jealous of 9 to 5 work inside, god how jealous I am for all the opportunities to become an office diva. If you wear the same little jacket all year long – well, that’s mainly your problem. In my eyes, office outfits can and should be eye-catching, trendy and on top of that – super elegant.
There’s no need to experiment with colors if you are not a fan of brightness in everyday life. Try different cuts, constructions instead or simply choose a more extravagant accessory.
stylewe.com is my new discovery and most of the garments above are from this site. Check it out, you might find something you like too!



soft bra – Lindex
When you don’t want to wear a bra but you feel like you kind of have to..
Especially in summer, I get this feeling quite often. So it’s not very surprising that it’s a second similar bra from Lindex.
Lace looks perfect with the striped elastic under the bust. Imagine this bra under a sheer white shirt. Together with cropped jeans, classic loafers and my latest vintage catch you see in a pic above, it is going to be my new summer uniform.