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There is a theory, that it takes 21 days to form or break a habit and 90 days to create a lifestyle. Well, it took me exactly 2 seconds to get into the habit of using jade roller every single morning. I can proudly say, and I’m not even kidding, that since 21st February, I haven’t missed a day.  Today is 18th June, which makes it almost four months. That’s how good this beauty tool is. Of course, the actual results can be seen only after continued daily use, however, massaging your face with a jade roller can instantly relieve tension by running it along your brows and jawline. It simply feels amazing.

I have no doubts that you have already seen it millions of times all around social media platforms – it has become a hit tool since 2017. These rollers look great in pictures, so, surely, who would miss the opportunity to put something that pretty on their feed. However, there are many more beautiful tools around my house (like the spatula I use for my porridge daily) and I don’t rush to write a whole blog post about any of them. Jade Roller is much more than a pretty thing you roll on your face.


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Get the Virgin Cold Pressed Rose Hip Oil  HERE

So. I have hit that point in life when skin just doesn’t look as good as it used to. Just kidding, I sleep well, I fixed my diet, I’ve also started doing daily face massages, my skin is better than ever, I’m ageing backwards, life is beautiful.

Although this might not be 100% true also, but I really can’t complain about my skin too much at the moment. Especially, since just half a year ago it was unusually dry and I suffered from hormonal acne, which, even if it wasn’t too crazy, left some red marks on my cheeks and my chin.

Therefore, when biovaistine.lt texted me offering to choose one of the products from their online shop, I instantly picked the Virgin Cold Pressed Rose Hip Oil from The Organic Pharmacy. After hearing tons of great things about the benefits of rosehip seed oil, it was the perfect timing to finally try it myself.


ivoblog --- 5min makeup

See my face in the selfie above? Even though the biggest secret is a great night sleep (and happiness after having a morning croissant), I’m wearing makeup too. Not much of it, since I’m surely too lazy to spend an hour in the morning to fake my beauty. However, there are few things on my face. Over the years I found some tricks that take around 5 minutes and only a few essential products to make myself presentable.  This is the look I go for when there is no time for more (a.k.a always), when I have meetings straight after a flight (no one should travel with makeup on!) and also when it’s only 11AM on a Sunday, like in a pic above. Honestly, I believe this is all you need on a daily basis (well maybe a touch of red lipstick from time to time), it’s spring after all!


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The first thought after opening a box with these Kiehl’s goodies was, what the hell is calendula? My english vocabulary in a field of herbal plants is not the richest as you see. However the minute I put the product on my face I could guess exactly what was it. I grew up drinking herbal teas and calendula blossom tea was surely one of them. I remember as a child I even used to pick those blossoms myself from our garden.

Calendula tea has a number of beneficial substances that helps to strengthen the immune system, so it’s perfect for cold prevention or as a cure to fasten the recovery after the cold. My mum used to make me and my siblings drink this tea mainly for that, or also as a remedy for a sore throat or stomach ache, as it is known that calendula extract heals wounds inside and out.

In addition to this, calendula was used for treating a number of skin conditions since the ancient times and it is definitely still important in alternative medicine and cosmetology today. Treating acne, reducing inflammation, controlling bleeding, soothing irritated tissue – this is not even all that calendula extract can do.

You can always make those mixtures yourself, yet how many of us have enough time for that in our jam-packed schedules? Kiehl’s have a great option for those who don’t. A skincare line consisting of deep cleansing foaming face wash, an alcohol-free toner and soothing hydration mask might be exactly what you’ve been looking for if you have a normal-to oily, sensitive skin.

The main thing I loved about those products was that it’s extremely gentle and even though my skin is quite sensitive, none of these products leave my skin irritated or causes redness. Quite the opposite, I would say.

However if your skin is quite oily or if you need a deeper cleanse, I would suggest to look for a different treatment. Also, don’t expect this line to give you miraculous effects as healed acne, for that it’s better to see a dermatologist who will give you the best medical treatment. Yet for keeping great skin condition I find Kiehl’s Calendula extract products to be ideal.

You should also consider the fact that calendula extract itself is a strong allergen, due to being extremely rich in vitamin A. As with all skincare products, try it out first and don’t continue the routine if you notice any unusual effects on your skin. If it works perfectly fine for me, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for you. Although it might will and if it does, let me know!




bath/shower gel and velvet hand cream – L’Occitane

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let’s talk about the evening routine. wearing makeup gives us visual satisfaction, obviously but don’t you tell me that it doesn’t feel good to wash everything off.
when it comes to skincare (peeling cream / face mask / face cream), I still going for Pevonia Botanica cosmetics. it’s actually been a year I’m constantly using it! but to be honest, I’ve been looking for a perfect makeup remover for a while now. and I’m glad to say I’m pretty much sure I’ve found it!

what I love the most about it is how sensitive it is to my skin and, at the same time, 100% effective. Senisilis BI-phasic eyes and lips makeup remover also has no parabens and no mineral oils. flawless thing.

get it HERE


this L’occitane hand cream is in my bag all the time, literally. even if I’m carrying a tiny clutch, I manage to fit it somewhere. properly nourished hands are very important to me and you just can’t be apathetic to that lavender oil scent. perfection, perfection, perfection.


natural beautiful skin probably is exactly what everyone is craving for. I did have it! until ~ 19 years old I had the perfect soft glowing skin. after that I started to stress out about everything I guess. but the most important thing is that I’ve been using the wrong products on my skin. beauticians were always telling me that I my skin is either normal or normal to oily, so naturally I’ve been using skincare products for that type of skin. well, no wonder it was always a bit irritated. after doing a facial here in Birmingham, it turns out that my skin is very sensitive and not oily at all.



achieving the perfect brow shape should certainly be the most important part in your makeup routine. brow drama in your cosmetics bag actually means that you will have no more drama above your eyes.
I’m pretty happy about how my eyebrows look now but surely there were ups and downs and these products I got couple of weeks ago would have helped so much.



I’ve never been too fussy about products for eyelashes. mine are naturally short and light, so during the time I’ve resigned myself that they are going to stay like this. 
however since Maybelline sent me this mascara, I’m more confident about my eyelashes. it lengthens, seperates, fans, and builds volume. I would call it the best mascara I’ve tried.
va va voom in a not overdone way!