Outfit of the day, wearing Jade Green Co-ord set from Femme Luxe Finery

Wearing: Femme Luxe Finery jade green co-ord, vintage heels

Hi oh hi! It feels like ages since last time I talked to you guys. At the same time, I don’t remember time passing so quickly. The world went crazy last year and honestly, it doesn’t seem that it will get back to normal any time soon. Or ever, indeed, but let’s not go that deep.

It might be just me, I feel like dressing up and putting make up more than ever before. There was a ‘why not to look like homeless 24/7’ phase, for sure, but right now, I’m very much over it and even if I do dress cosy, I must feel put together at all times, in order to stay as productive, as possible. Clothing and makeup have that power and we don’t use it enough.

With a hope to inspire you to dress up more too, I am sharing my recent picks from Femme Luxe Finery. This online store is a great place to go for some affordable and very cute fits, from loungewear to hot sexy dresses.

Here are my three recommendations for these dark times – let’s make it as fun as it can be and let’s look amazing while doing it.

CO-ORD for the extra comfort

This is literally my favourite thing to wear when you don’t really want to dress up at all, but you still know that you should – yes, one of those days. Co-ord is the answer. It’s still a loungewear item, extremely comfortable and at the same time, you look so put together, that you can instantly leave the house if you magically have to. Not so likely, but it might happen, you might need to take out the trash.

My favourite kind of outfits are the ones that you can easily dress up and dress down, according to an occasion. I can definitely imagine this set to be worn in those future parties (fingers crossed). Simply kick off those sneakers, add a pair of heels, some statement jewellery, a nice handbag et voilà! Your loungewear set becomes a show-stopper.

Outfit of the day photo, wearing square neck mini dress and a vintage handbag
Outfit of the day, wearing mini red boycon dress from Femme Luxe Finery
Wearing: Femme Luxe Finery red bodycon dress, vintage earrings and vintage Whiting & Davis bag
Wearing red bodycon dress from Femme Luxe Finery

RED DRESS for the V day

This one you definitely need for Valentine’s Day. Or for a casual at-home drink on a Wednesday afternoon. Because why not, we must keep it light and fun these days. Although it is a bodycon dress, it’s not restrictive at all, you will feel sexy and comfy at the same time. The square neckline just adds some spice to the classic red mini dress – that’s my favourite style recently.

Even though I do think that Valentine’s Day is a bit cheesy, it has never been so important to celebrate every possible holiday. Even if you’re single! Dressing up is a major part of a cheerful night, so take out those heels, put on a red dress, and make an effort to do your hair and makeup. At least put on some lipstick. An extra tip would be not to wear any underwear. Thank me later.

Black and white outfit of the day photo, wearing oversized black coat
Black and white outfit of the day picture, wearing men's vest and an oversized wool coat
Outfit of the day, wearing straight leg denim jeans with a side split and a vintage Gucci bag
Outfit of the day, wearing men's vest, oversized black coat, Gucci bag and high waist straight leg denim jeans from Femme Luxe Finery
Wearing: Femme Luxe Finery high waisted jeans, vintage Gucci bag, Magda Butrym necklace, vintage men’s coat

STRAIGHT LEG DENIM for a productive day

The final favourite here would be these high waisted straight leg jeans with a side split. A very unpopular opinion, I know, but to me, it is the comfiest thing ever. Also, your mood and attitude are directly influenced by what you wear, I feel very strongly about it. Wearing such denim jeans while working at home, I feel way more productive than staying in my pyjama all day. Even if you think the opposite, I very much encourage you to dress up a bit for getting groceries or going for a daily walk. It will be much easier to stay positive, trust me.

There are so many little things that I love about those jeans. The high waistline, the side split at the bottom, the way your butt looks in them, the colour, the straight leg style. Pretty much everything. I understand if you’re currently not in a jeans phase, but trust me, that time will come and you’ll need a really good pair of denim on hand.

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