Outfit of the day, wearing Jade Green Co-ord set from Femme Luxe Finery

Wearing: Femme Luxe Finery jade green co-ord, vintage heels

Hi oh hi! It feels like ages since last time I talked to you guys. At the same time, I don’t remember time passing so quickly. The world went crazy last year and honestly, it doesn’t seem that it will get back to normal any time soon. Or ever, indeed, but let’s not go that deep.

It might be just me, I feel like dressing up and putting make up more than ever before. There was a ‘why not to look like homeless 24/7’ phase, for sure, but right now, I’m very much over it and even if I do dress cosy, I must feel put together at all times, in order to stay as productive, as possible. Clothing and makeup have that power and we don’t use it enough.