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Here it is, February, the last month of the winter. Only three weeks are left until March comes, not the best time to buy a new coat, one might say. My answer to that is a complete opposite. Have you seen the sales at the moment? When we are talking about investment pieces that will stay in your wardrobe for the upcoming years (maybe even a decade), there is no better timing than now.

If you think that you don’t need a black coat, well, you’re wrong. It’s the most practical and the chicest thing ever. There are more versatile options, like beige, grey or navy blue, but still, nothing really beats black.

I, personally, couldn’t live only with one coat, especially since I’m based in Lithuania and the biggest part of the year is spent in coats. So, of course, from time to time I like to switch things up and I have a selection of pink, red and blue coats in my wardrobe for these occasions. However, a black one is what I tend to reach for pretty much daily.

There is nothing wrong with wearing a black coat. And nothing boring about it too. The boring part is probably your style or the lack of knowledge when it comes to styling your outfit. Good news, everyone, it’s never too late to learn some new skills. Here are a few tips on how to wear a black coat without being just another black sheep of fashion.

Pick the right one. 
Let’s suppose you don’t own one yet. If you do and it’s still in great shape, go straight to the next section as you can most likely work with what you have. The shape of your new coat can be anything: tailored, oversized, A-line, cape – the key here is that it has to flatter your body. For me, personally, the bigger the better. I also love long coats, but with my height, I can easily pull it off, it might not be for everyone. Petite ladies tend to look great in shorter coats, hourglass woman will look amazing in a belted coat – make sure you try on a few and find the silhouette that looks the best.

Quality is crucial here, the hems have to be perfect, the lining must be subtle, the buttons got to be well attached and the fabric can’t look cheap. Such a coat may be expensive but consider this being an investment for the next five years. You can also look for one in vintage or second-hand stores, just make sure you check the fabric properly.  Avoid coats that contain nylon or acrylic which will make them look shiny and wears off very easily (they are not warm enough anyway).

When you look for a coat that will become your wardrobe staple, forget about the ones with lots of insignificant low-quality trendy details. Better go for a clean classic design. Nonetheless, tasteful high-quality accents will add style to your coat. There are quite a few great examples added below.

That’s pretty obvious, I know. Yet somehow, it’s not so easily done and people often forget about this step. Your coat is an investment piece, but to create a more vibrant look, you can always get some trendier, more affordable or simply more interesting items. Adding a bright scarf, a wide hat or a pair of patterned gloves is something anyone can do. Don’t be afraid to bring in some colour, you’re probably dressed in black head-to-toe anyway, so there’s no risk of failing. Another great way to endorse the look is to add a beautiful brooch or a statement earring. I would definitely go for vintage here, mixing new with the old always helps to create an original look. The last and my favourite on the list of accessories is a bold lipstick. Easy and works every single time. If it doesn’t, send me a dm on Instagram complaining that I’m wrong.

I always encourage everyone to play with your style, go crazy if you feel like it, however having a good foundation is essential and helps a lot to keep the sanity in the game of fashion. Here, I’ve outlined the most elegantly effective coats to put up with the winter slog. Take a look!


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IVOBLOG --- black coat-wardrobe staples-sandro 01

Sandro, €400-425

IVOBLOG --- black coat-wardrobe staples-prada 01

Prada, €3.002

IVOBLOG --- black coat-wardrobe staples-victoria beckham 03

Victoria Beckham, €760-939

IVOBLOG --- black coat-wardrobe staples-stella mackartney

Stella McCartney, €1.275

IVOBLOG --- black coat-wardrobe staples-sandro 04

Sandro, €425

IVOBLOG --- black coat-wardrobe staples-roberto cavalli

Roberto Cavalli, €882

IVOBLOG --- black coat-wardrobe staples-haider ackermann 2

Haider Ackermann, €1.561

IVOBLOG --- black coat-wardrobe staples-ann demeulemeester

Ann Demeulemeester, €942-1.558

IVOBLOG --- black coat-wardrobe staples-filippa k

Filippa K, €206

IVOBLOG --- black coat-wardrobe staples-colville 2

Colville, €876

IVOBLOG --- black coat-wardrobe staples-cos

COS, €265

IVOBLOG --- black coat-wardrobe staples-maxmara 03

MaxMara, €3.580

IVOBLOG --- black coat-wardrobe staples-acne 02

Acne, €1.297

IVOBLOG --- black coat-wardrobe staples-each x other

Each X Other, €540

IVOBLOG --- black coat-wardrobe staples-weekend maxmara

Weekend MaxMara, €720

IVOBLOG --- black coat-wardrobe staples-thierry mugler

Thierry Mugler, €1.993

IVOBLOG --- black coat-wardrobe staples-prada

Prada, €1.341

IVOBLOG --- black coat-wardrobe staples-khaite

Khaite, €1.013

IVOBLOG --- black coat-wardrobe staples-max mara 02

MaxMara, €4.240

IVOBLOG --- black coat-wardrobe staples-bottega veneta

Bottega Veneta, €4.470

IVOBLOG --- black coat-wardrobe staples-maje

Maje, €374

IVOBLOG --- black coat-wardrobe staples-IRO

IRO, €283

IVOBLOG --- black coat-wardrobe staples-micheal kors

MICHEAL Micheal Kors, €250


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