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Oh December. Snowy window sills, all the Christmas lights and jolly tunes around. Happy days! I can hardly believe that we are already halfway through.

Wherever you are in the world right now I am sure you are possibly at the stage or coming into the stage where you are in a mad rush searching for Christmas presents. Here is a little something for you that will surely appease the shopping beast and will be perfect for that picky friend who is all about style and quality. Honestly, this post could have been twice as long, but I have sized down to give you a proper selection. Every single thing on the list below is worth the money. This is the first part and they are all under 350 eur, the second part of the guide with gifts under 50 eur is coming up and will be ready at the end of this week!

So grab your egg nog (or in my case, a glass of red) and snatch that something special for that special someone, yourself included!

P.s. Just click on the links attached to shop it like it’s hot..


Floraholic Dream

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Vynvytis bouquet subscription – Vynvytis

Extra Style

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Peet Dullaert Eolian handmade gold earring – Basa Shop
Jacquemus Leather lipstick holder – 24s.com
Toteme Como scarf – KOKO Boutique
Alighieri ‘Shadow of a Woman’ earrings – KOKO Boutique
Trnasformer LOVE by Ginger Tail Jewellery – gingertail.lt


ivoblog -- christmas guift guide -- beauty

ivoblog -- christmas guift guide -- beauty-1

Gisou honey infused hair oil – Gisou
MOKOTO Patchouli Body Oil – Basa Shop
SOLIDU solid shampoo – Basa Shop
Bergamot/Patchouli Body Lotion No.093 by ‘L:A Bruket’ – Creme de la Creme
Clive Christian ‘X’ perfume – Creme de la Creme
Gift sets by Rouje Paris – Rouje
Le Rouje Velours lipsticks – Rouje
Lip palette Les 4 Rouje – Rouje

Let’s Shoot!

ivoblog -- christmas guift guid - photoshoot gift card

Gift Card for a Photoshoot – www.ievaukanyte.com / email ieva@ievaukanyte.com to book (two options available)

Home Sweet Stylish Home

ivoblog -- christmas guift guide -- home

ivoblog -- christmas guift guide -- home -1

Fornasetti China Kiss candle – here
Gallery Object candlelight holder by Louise Roe Copenhagen – Louise Roe
Balloon 07 vase by Louise Roe Copenhagen – Louise Roe
Love Handles vase by Anissa Kermiche – Anissa Kermiche
IBRIDE Mural tray Jasmee – KOKO Boutique
Pipe Tobacco ambient scent – Fum par Fum
Drawings / prints by Kriste Stan – Kriste Stan
Geometrika marble trays – Geometrika Home


Readers are Leaders

ivoblog -- christmas guift guide -- books

Modigliani – Amazon
Helmut Newton SUMO – Amazon
Helmut Newton Work – Humanitas
A Man & his Watch – Amazon


Photos belong to brands or sellers / Black and white portraiture is by @i.vophotography

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