ivoblog -- little black backless dress 3

Wearing: bag – vintage, cowboy boots – Kentucky’s Western (Zalando), backless dress – Femme Luxe Finery, jacket – customized vintage

Photos by @tomaszukovskij

Dress to impress or dress AND impress. I choose the latter, almost daily. And if there’s one piece of clothing that makes this task the easiest thing ever, it’s the dress. Very surprising, I know.

Correct me if I’m wrong, yet it seems sometimes, that women are afraid to dress like women these days. I mean, I love an androgynous look, too and no one would ever be surprised to see me in a full men’s suit. However, I feel that it is very important to stay intact with your feminine side, as well. It is as sexy as it gets and that’s where I believe the inner confidence comes through. I touched this topic in my previous post, take a look. 

We wear jeans and trousers most of the time, thinking that it’s the most comfortable thing to wear. I wouldn’t agree with that statement 100%. Try to put on a dress a bit more often and trust me, you will notice, how freeing it is. True, it is not that easy to climb trees and fences in a tight dress, but other than that, it’s definitely comfy. Especially, if you put on a wrap dress or something oversized and not so structured. Honestly, I feel more comfortable in a loose-knit dress than in a tracksuit.

ivoblog -- little black backless dress 2

ivoblog -- little black backless dress

ivoblog -- burgundy dress 2

Wearing – dress – Femme Luxe Finery, sunglasses – vintage, leather jacket – vintage

Femme Luxe Finery is one of the best places if you’re looking for affordable and flattering attire. If you were going to purchase something from Femme Luxe Finery, get a dress.

Black one is an essential, no doubts about that. I would even say that there are no limits on how many black dresses one can have. As long as it suits your body type and your personality, it’s ok to have as many little black dresses as you like. It’s a timeless wardrobe staple and you’ll be able to wear it year after year. The one I’m wearing here could also be easily worn for a night out. All you would need to do is take off black tights and a jacket, changed into a pair of high-heels and add some jewellery. Et voilà, you’re ready for a Christmas party. The festive season is coming soon after all!

The second dress is just as versatile. Take off the jacket, add a strappy heel, grab that lovely tiny clutch, put those shoulders down and you have yourself a very feminine cocktail look. Such hacks definitely save you time, when, let’s say, you have to go to dinner straight after work.

It is important to know how to dress up and dress down to the more casual self. It’s one of those things you didn’t even know you have to be aware. Yet you certainly do. How? Well, today is your lucky day. Here’s how I manage to wear a cocktail dress during daytime and not end up looking like I’m doing a walk of shame after a night out.

– Add a chunky pair of boots to the look. The easiest way to make any outfit more casual is to add a masculine touch. That’s also my favourite thing to do, I’d say.

– Mix in some leather or denim. Look at the second outfit as an example – the vintage leather jacket instantly made the outfit suitable to wear in the streets.

– Layer up with an oversized or deconstructed jacket. That easily breaks down the feminine silhouette.

– Stay away from bright colours. I’m not against wearing colour, not at all, however, in this case, that would just put your on-the-edge cocktail outfit on the spot. So, if it’s black, stay in black, and if you’re wearing a red or a burgundy dress, make sure you combine it with earthy tones and not neons, or again, just play it safe and go for the blacks. Sometimes it’s best to do what you already know.

– Don’t overdo it with the accessories. Extra details might easily make your outfit too festive. Keep it minimal and save your sparkly earrings for the night.

That’s from the top of my head. See? It’s not complicated at all. Try it out and let me know, how did it go.


ivoblog -- burgundy dress

ivoblog -- burgundy dress 3

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