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Wearing: shirt – Vintage, leather trousers – Vintage, faux leather top – Femme Luxe Finery, shoes – Vintage

Photos by @tomaszukovskij

This post is about wearing leather, yet it’s not that easy to concentrate on writing about leather pieces when in my mind, I’m already in sunny Milan, wearing a flowy dress, with a bowl of pasta in front of me. So, to begin with, let me brag about the fact that I’m going to Italy tomorrow. How much I missed it! I haven’t been to there since last September, which might not seem like a long period of time, yet for me, it’s way too long. Of course, there couldn’t be better timing to come back to Milan like the fashion week. It’s going to be a lot of fun, a lot of running around the city, a ton of beautiful people in the streets, a lot of aperitivo meetings and litres of good coffee. That’s to name a few. I feel almost too happy about all of it and surely I will spam my instagram with all things Italian and prepare a post about the trip on the blog as well.

However, that’s not until tomorrow. Now, after sharing my over-flowing excitement with you, we can get back to this post and this look I’m sharing today. Leather. Fall and leather is a perfect match, from year to year, from season to season. It’s full-on autumn in Lithuania, moody and cold and I am ready to leather up as never before (well, maybe more like after coming back from Milan). I’m not cheering for cruelty against animals here, but you can’t deny that leather outfits are simply amazing. And there’re ways to wear them without the guilt. One of my favourite ones is to shop vintage. If you know me a bit, you can be sure that if I’m wearing fur or leather, it’s a vintage piece.

When proper care is taken, quality leather clothing can last for ages. When you buy it (vintage or new), my advice would be to make sure that piece of clothing or an accessory would survive generations. I’m sure there’s a way to be conscious and still nurture the love for fashion and that’s the way.

Here’s a little guide for looking after your leather staples:

  • Hang it in a well-ventilated area in your wardrobe as soon as you get home – if you don’t allow leather to breather it can cause mildew and quickly destroy the piece.
  • To fix a crease, lay the garment out on a flat surface and stack books on top.
  • Be aware of spilling any liquids on your leather pieces when wearing them.
  • Don’t put too much pressure on the seams.
  • Always air your leather pieces out after wearing them to minimise odours.
  • Use a professional dry cleaner but always be sure to check whether they send it to another specialist as you may have to wait up to three weeks to get your garment back.
  • Purchase a size that is a little snug but not too small. Leather stretches comfortably but if too much pressure is placed on the seams it will tear and can sometimes be un-repairable.
  • Always check the care instructions. There are different types of processes that can be used on the leather so be aware of how to treat that specific skin.



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