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Wearing: set – Femme Luxe Finery, bag – vintage Gucci, sandals – Catwalk

Photos by Donata Kukyte

I remember I used to love my flares… when I was a 10-year-old. Who would have thought that love will come back? It came back for real. With more edge and more style, of course.

Since they’ve been trending for a while now, there’s plenty of choices when it comes to different styles, patterns or cuts. I always thought it’s definitely not the right fit for my body type. Completely unflattering. A no-go. Until I came across this pair from Femme Luxe Finery online store. I’m pretty sure these flared trousers are one of the most flattering pieces in my closet. And surely, the fact that they’re black, it’s an absolute bonus. I live in either blue denim or black trousers most of my time – it’s like a second skin to me. So owning every slight variation of them (super straight, relaxed, cropped, wide leg – you get the drift) is a must.

Flares are simply amazing. But if you’re not fully convinced yet, here are five valid reasons to wear flares:

– There is a ton of variations. You can go for a skinny fit with a flare in the bottom as I did here, or black pants with a wider leg all the way down. Flare trousers look amazing in denim or printed silky materials, too. There are so many shapes to work with, you just have to try them and find what works for your shape and height.

– They make a statement. And, as you know, I like a good statement piece. It gives you so much attitude, confidence – power altogether. There’s something sartorially satisfying about slipping into a pair of flares. It instantly elevates your outfit. Try it.

– They are comfy. I love fashion, but comfort comes before anything else, especially in day-to-day life. Femme Luxe Finery flares that I’m wearing here, in particular, could be a perfect option for the girls who love wearing their leggings 24/7. They are as stretchy and just as comfy, however, you’re also safe to wear them anywhere without giving an ‘I just finished my workout’ look. A perfect pair of throw-on-and-go trousers.

– They make a good layering piece. Wear them with a structured jacket or a dress for a truly fashionable look. You can also try to put on a slouchy sweater or a jumper for a really comfy look. That is one of my favourite combos for a chic airport look. Especially since flared trousers look so good with a pair of sneakers.

– They take the pressure off the rest of your outfit.  A pair of black trousers definitely need more work put in if you don’t want to end up looking plain. Yet like with any other statement piece, there is no need to put more effort into styling your look. You can literally put on a basic Tee and still look amazing. Which means saving time for other amazing things in life.


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