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Wearing: jumpsuit – Femme Luxe Finery, raincoat – Escada

One shoulder trend has been around for a while now (off and on, I guess) however, I am pretty late with this one and discovered it just now. So apologies if you are already over it, I am aware of the fact that this is old news, yet that’s what I’m currently obsessed with. So obsessed that I even got two jumpsuits of the same fit from Femme Luxe Finery, my recent go-to for hot slinky looks.

Black one was the first I got and I completely fell in love with how it fits and feels. Also, it’s so versatile that it can be easily worn during either day or night. With some dressier accessories, it could even be a perfect outfit to a fancy dinner or a wedding (there are more colours to chose from, don’t stress it out, although black is beautiful). Now I have another one, just as chic, in this gorgeous houndstooth print, which is even more appropriate for a daytime look. Don’t you just love when one piece of clothing does it all? I mean, with a jumpsuit like that, all you need to do is to grab accessories you’re in a mood for and – voilà! Ready for the day / for the night / for a birthday bash / for a girly brunch / for a fashion event / for a dirty three-day techno festival – you name it. I can’t think of an occasion where you wouldn’t be able to pull off one of these.

While the fit is extremely important, for sure, I really feel that the one shoulder detail is what makes it so special and so chic. Also, since Kendall Jenner wore a one-shoulder top just a few weeks ago, I guess it’s still a thing, right?

To give you a bit more than just an ecstatic admiration for this trend, here are my top 5 tips to make wearing such jumpsuit as a novel pice of clothing every time.

layer a basic T-shirt underneath. It can be a shirt, as well, or a thin turtle neck top. Your look will instantly be upgraded to a killer one. The only reminder would be: whatever you decide to layer up with, just make sure you pick a light material so that you would feel comfortable. It has to be comfy, after all.

add a statement belt. Honestly, I don’t feel like belts are appreciated enough. Such an accessory can elevate your whole outfit as much as a pair of statement earrings would do. Sometimes even more. Each of these jumpsuits has an added belt of the same fabric, but you can always play around a bit and take out that neon green belt out of your closet which is so tricky to style. Any, literally any belt would look good on this jumpsuit.

wrap your shirt around the waist. As you can see, in my case, it was a raincoat. I didn’t put it just as an accessory, as it was a bit chilly earlier that day, however, I don’t see why couldn’t you just style it in a similar way to make the look more interesting and completely effortless. Especially if you are more of a tomboy than a girly girl.

put a lacy bralette underneath. That is most likely not for a day in the office, but imagine this look on a summery night out. Don’t forget to match the colour and the garment and I promise you, you’ll be the queen of the night.

throw on a jacket. I find it super flattering when the asymmetric cut of the jumpsuit is showing through at the front. A stylish little detail for a sophisticated look and also, such combination would be completely suitable even for a very conservative office environment. A total win-win.

My favourite items in the closet are constantly changing, yet I think you got an idea of what are they right now. I’m having tons of fun styling these one-shoulder jumpsuits and so should you! Summer is getting hotter and hotter, so go for it, show some skin. It is the season to do so.





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Wearing: jumpsuit – Femme Luxe Finery, slippers – Urban Outfitters, bag – vintage

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