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Mango Wool Blazer

Here it comes, the second part of The Basic Series. Welcome back, if you have already read the first part, where I shared my top shopping list for a classic white tee. And hello to you, babes, who just found out about this blog. Basic Choices is a series of posts that will most certainly help you out to build that coordinated wardrobe you can always count on.

If basic t-shirts are the starting point of every good wardrobe, a blazer, preferably a black one, is the ultimate wardrobe essential. It doesn’t even matter what you are about to wear that day, thrown over anything or everything, a well-fitted black blazer can be an instant fix.

I, personally, always have to have a one of these on hand. I throw it over a T-shirt or anything at all and it has the power to make me feel polished every time. Essential, if you don’t have too much time to try on several outfits on (which is more or less every day) and if you still need to look your very best (which is also more or less every day).

However, being so simple to wear it, it can be insanely complicated to find the right one. Let me specify: the right one for you. It has to be exactly the right length, slightly structured at the shoulders with a relaxed fit at the bottom… Or, maybe you are a girl who feels her best in a more classic structured version with a nice waistline – I leave the decision to you. In addition to this, every finishing touch (a velvet pocket, a golden button or a belt to add some attitude to it) is extremely important, as it will be that detail describing who you really are.

The choice is there, all you need to do now is to make the right decision. One of the options is to go through the vintage stores and bring your find to a trusted tailor for a fix, as Kate Moss would most likely do. Or scroll down to see what I have picked out for you (press on the brand name to enter the shopping link). From the more economical high street choices in the beginning, like Mango or Topshop to Sandro or Anine Bing, to the absolute closet investment pieces like Givenchy or Saint Laurent. Prices differ, ahem, quite a bit, so just go with what is suitable for your budget right now. However, if you are looking to invest in a piece of clothing, a high-quality blazer is something that is definitely worth your money. It will never go out of style, I can assure you 100%, and considering the quality you pay for, it will last you a lifetime. So this could be something you wear until you’re 70 and pass to your beloved granddaughter later on. Considering the price per wear it’s a complete bargain, am I right?


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Mango Linen Jacket

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