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Wearing: trousers – Femme Luxe Finery, bag – vintage Gucci, boots – Zalando, camisole top – Lindex, jacket – vintage, sunglasses – vintage

This time I want to emphasize the importance of knowing what suits you. The minute you find that out, you’ll never struggle to get clothing items in any store ever again. When I first opened Femme Luxe Finery webpage, the primary thought was “oh no, this is not me”. If you have followed me for a while, I’m sure you’d say the same. But then I took a second look at it and realized that almost every single item on their lookbook could perfectly be in my wardrobe. Everything depends on how you style it. Take this look as an example. Imagine I would wear a pair of sky-high heels and a glittery top together with these Femme Luxe cigarette trousers. Even the idea of this look sounds a bit tacky. But then you put on an edgy oversized jacket and a pair of cowboy boots instead, and the whole outfit becomes completely homey.

Combining feminine and masculine pieces is the key to my daily looks. I love wearing menswear, yet at the same time, I like to balance it out with something a bit sexier and ladylike. That’s why you often would see me wearing silky scarfs, tiny camisole tops or heels with a jacket five sizes too big. There are tons of elegant pieces of clothing on Femme Luxe Finery that you can either wear as it is, if it suits you, or, if you’re anything like me, style it up and make it your own. The quality is as good as of high street stores like H&M or Zara. Meaning, this is probably not something that would last you a lifetime, but it is perfectly wearable and I could definitely say you get more than you pay for.

Another question is, how to what truly suits you? Getting philosophical here and I don’t think it’s actually possible to give you a proper answer in one post. For me, it all started back in my childhood, as I had complete freedom to experiment with my looks and trust me, I sure did. If you have kids, I’d say don’t restrict them too much and let them express themselves. That’s the best way to find your style as early as possible. Also, is there a better time for style mistakes than your childhood? I doubt that.

However even if you are in your thirties and still got no clue how to dress, it’s not too late at all. Start easy, here I give you seven simple tips on how to find your personal style and where to start looking:

Get inspired. It might be a movie icon, it can be your mum or your grandma. I’m sure there’s someone in the world you admire and would love to look exactly like them. Well, not exactly, but you can surely look at your icons in order to find what you love. It makes it even better if your muse has a similar body type or skin tone like you do.

Know your body type. This is extremely important. The better you know your body, the easier it’s going to be to dress up. It also helps to stay away from trends that don’t suit you at all. Simply experiment a bit in front of the mirror, take pictures wearing different silhouettes or get an honest friend to work on that.

Recognise the things you dislike. Knowing what you like/love is substantial, however knowing what you don’t like is just as critical. And never ever forget that you don’t have to start liking something just because everyone else on earth is wearing it. Repeat that to yourself daily.

Find your colours. This stands for both clothing, makeup and your hair. Wearing the right colours (I mean the ones that suit your skin tone, eye colour, etc) can instantly elevate the whole outfit. And vice versa.

Create mood boards. You can use pinterest or instagram, you might as well feel the need to make an actual mood board on the wall in your closet/bathroom – just make sure you collect the things that inspire you somewhere. It will help you to stay on track and not to get lost in this crazy world where a new trend happens weekly.

Explore the world of vintage and resale. It is important to find your signature items, however, I can imagine it feels a bit risky to pay a fortune for a wide brim white hat. It could become your signature accessory, surely. Yet, just as easily, it can be that purchase you made out of impulse and wore only once. That’s why almost all unusual clothing items in my wardrobe are purchased in vintage stores. It doesn’t hurt that much if you pay only a few euros for something that turns out to be not your thing.

– Be loyal. To brands that look amazing on you, to designs that flatter your own shape, to jewellery that has sentimental value. The list can go on and on. This is the most important thing though – once you find something you love, stick to it. That is what will shape your style and will make you be YOU.



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