December.. already! It means it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas and a lot like Christmas shopping madness as well. It’s always better to get this done early, so the time to fill up these carts is just right. If like me, you find yourself getting a little carried away this time of year, here’s a little something just for you that will surely appease the shopping beast and won’t break the bank.

I present you a list of the best festive gifts that you can get your mitts on. And don’t worry, it’s all under 50 eur!

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1// Large Aqua Cultura vase from minima. makes an amazing gift for a minimalist flowerholic who cares about his/her home looking cosy. Designed and manufactured by Kinto, it is composed of 2 parts, the plate and the vase, which make taking care of plants easy. The plate supports the growing leaves such as herbs and it is also perfectly shaped for bulbs like hyacinth and seeds like avocado. ivoblog--stylish christmas guide under 50 euros--2

2//  Another great gift that I found on minima. online store is this Stool 60 / 80th Anniversary poster, designed by Greige in 2013. They ship internationally, however, if you are ever around Birmingham, UK, minima. has their store in 58 George Street, Birmingham, B3 1QA. Feel free to stop by, I’m sure you’ll find tons of amazing options for Christmas gifts, or just for your own home.

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3// Jade Roller. This is something that you definitely need (and your friend does too). Although being known and used for years, for some mystical reason, they’re massively trending right now and I’m glad they are since it is such a simple tool that literally does wonders for your skin. Jade rollers, which are handheld massaging tools typically made with one or two jade stone heads, can allegedly boost blood circulation, reduce under-eye swelling, and help products absorb better into your skin.  This one you can find on Basa online store here or in Visu Sventuju Street 5-6 in Vilnius, Lithuania.

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4// If you want to get something very practical for the household, a set of great glasses is the thing to go for. Designed by Alfredo Häberli and manufactured by Iittala, this beautiful set of wine glasses can be found on minima. online store.

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5// A cool friend will definitely appreciate this Opening Ceremony Cap. Get it here.

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6// Girls usually love to take care of their hair so this hair mask (or anything else from Gisou) will make a perfect gift. The key ingredient in Gisou’s care line is honey derived from the Mirsalehi bee garden. It does not contain parabens, silicones or sulfates and is cruelty-free. A party for your hair!

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7// Geometrika is a home decor brand found by my dearest friend Nereta. Handcrafted to perfection, these marble trays are an amazing addition to any interior. The square 15 x 15 cm marble tray actually costs a bit more than 50eur, however, if you contact Nereta here with a code ‘IEVA💜NERETA’, you’ll get a lovely Christmas discount.

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8// Princesses dream their candy cotton dreams wearing sleep masks. I’m not a princess and I have never had a candy cotton dream in my life, yet a sleep mask is a must for me. Pure silk is the only option – you don’t want to form any more wrinkles just by sleeping, right? Vuj Vuj has tons of sleep masks to choose from here.

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9// A Burberry scarf under 50 eur? Yes, here, if you shop at and you hunt a discount over there. If you haven’t heard about this website yet, you’re missing out! TRR is the premier site for online luxury consignment, sending a message about a sustainable lifestyle. Expertly crafted items made with high-quality materials are designed to last a lifetime. They can change hands multiple times and still retain their beauty if treated with care. To date, The RealReal has sold more than six million pre-owned luxury items to a consumer base of eight million+ members. How awesome is that?

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10// You won’t go wrong by purchasing a print by Kriste Stan. The one above is a special edition for BASA store and can be found here. But you can also seek after more here and here.

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11// SOLIDU cosmetics are my discovery of the year. It’s perfect for travelling when you can take only limited amounts of liquid products and you still want to keep up with your hair care. Yet what is more important, this brand is completely environmentally conscious. Using only high quality concentrated active ingredients and no water, SOLIDU bars come without any plastic packaging. A pure game changer – get it here.

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12// A classic gift like a candle could be boring for some, however I can’t imagine anyone complaining about getting Boc’caro lab candle for Christmas. Smells are simply outstanding, trust me.

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13// Not long ago, Jeanne Damas launched a lipstick line Le Rouje de Paris. I haven’t got my hands on any of them just yet, but Jeanne is well known for her red lipstick, always on point, so I have no doubts it must be a perfect one. “un peu de Rouje, et voilà!” Get it here. You will also get this cute complimentary with any beauty orders.

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14// Every little thing by NAMUOS brand emits serenity and stands for quality. Designed by Barbora Adamonyte – Keidune, table mirror Puddle is a stylised replica of a rain puddle and has been inspired by a human need to search for a self-image wherever possible. Get it here.

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15// Another great gift choice by NAMUOS is this Eclipse candle holder here. Made from ash wood and brass, it fits small tea candles and is designed by Barbora Adamonyte – Keidune as well.

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16// The RealReal sells not only clothes and accessories, but books too! I can’t think of a better gift than a great book. Especially for friends who do appreciate them. Get it here.


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17// These coasters from Anthropologie are simply beautiful. Due to the nature of Agate, each of them is unique and so will be your gift.

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18// Pretty much every stylish person I know loves Aesop products, which makes it hard to go wrong by purchasing anything from them. This Jet Set Kit will be perfect for someone who’s constantly travelling.

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19// Know anyone who has quite a selection of jewellery pieces? I believe it’s every girl you know. This is one of the most beautiful jewellery stands I’ve ever seen. A splendid gift.

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20// Another amazing beauty product on this list is a charcoal face mask by Le Labo. Completely unscented and infused with clarifying Bitter Almond and repairing Radish Seed, this Charcoal formula draws out impurities without causing irritation or dryness. Suitable for all skin types, free from parabens, phthalates and artificial colourants. Vegan! Get it here.

That’s all for now. Christmas shopping should be as easy and fun as possible, so hopefully, you’ve found something in this list already. Until next time!



/photos are a property of brands and websites mentioned. the artwork used in collages is by Renee Gouin


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