IVO BLOG knits for autumn (14)

Wearing: trousers – Mango, bag – vintage, sunglasses – vintage, jumper – handmade knit

Photos – Greta Zilinskaite

I don’t enjoy days getting shorter (who does?), but the fact that you can wrap yourself up in numerous layers of garments makes autumn so much fun! It’s a season when you can easily get away with wearing half of your wardrobe at once. In order to stay warm and chic, of course. A pair of trousers + a dress + a knitted jumper all together is more than ok. Actually, I could have probably put on even more layers, like a shirt underneath (for that collar brim to come out) and a thick coast-west on top. Yet the day wasn’t as cold, so I stopped where you see I did.

You probably already got the idea of what my main tip for staying warm during the winter is. And yes, you’re right – LAYERS is the word. Surely, you can also look into those termo underwear brands, I heard that helps too but layering seems to me like a much more fun way to survive the cold season.

Try it yourself and stay warm.


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