Caroline Daur before Prada / Milan SS19

ivoblog-mfw-02-julia banas

Julia Banas after Missoni / Milan SS19

There’s no better time to try shooting street style than September, right? I think so too. This time during fashion week in Milan, I’ve decided to take my camera and, with hundreds of other photographers (no exaggeration), explore the streets outside the shows. I’ve been aiming to do that for a while now – finally I did. And boy, what a parade! From casual and classy looks to wigs, neon and glitter – you could find it all.

Since this was the first time properly shooting street style, I didn’t have any expectations of how the pictures will turn out. However, I’m quite happy with the result, so here’s a massive gallery of MFW SS19 street fashion – sit back, relax and I hope you’ll enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed taking these pictures.


ivoblog-mfw-03-hanne gaby odiele

Hanne Gaby Odiele after Missoni / Milan SS19


before Armani / Milan SS19

ivoblog-mfw-05-gilda ambrosio

after Missoni / Milan SS19

ivoblog-mfw-06-candela-gilda ambrosio

Candela Pelizza and Gilda Ambrosio after Missoni / Milan SS19


Candela Pelizza after Missoni / Milan SS19

ivoblog-mfw-08-julia banas

Julia Banas after Missoni / Milan SS19

ivoblog-mfw-09-julia banas

Julia Banas after Missoni / Milan SS19


before Prada / Milan SS19


after Fendi / Milan SS19

ivoblog-mfw-12-kris grikaite

Kris Grikaite after Fendi / Milan SS19

ivoblog-mfw-13-birgit kos

Birgit Kos after Fendi / Milan SS19


before Fendi / Milan SS19

ivoblog-mfw-15-sara grace wallerstedt

Sara Grace Wallerstedt after Fendi / Milan SS19


before Fendi / Milan SS19


Caroline Daur before Fendi / Milan SS19

ivoblog-mfw-20-before prada

before Prada / Milan SS19

ivoblog-mfw-21-helmut lang

after Fendi / Milan SS19

ivoblog-mfw-22-kris grikaite-after prada

Kris Grikaite after Prada / Milan SS19

ivoblog-mfw-24-veronika heilbrunner

Veronika Heilbrunner before Prada / Milan SS19


after Armani / Milan SS19

ivoblog-mfw-29-sita bellan

Sita Bellan after Fendi / Milan SS19

ivoblog-mfw-30-birgit kos

Birgit Kos after Fendi / Milan SS19

ivoblog-mfw-31-before prada

after Prada / Milan SS19

ivoblog-mfw-32-after prada

after Prada / Milan SS19

ivoblog-mfw-33-after prada

before Prada / Milan SS19

ivoblog-mfw-34-linda tol-erika boldrin

Linda Tol and Erika Boldrin after Missoni / Milan SS19

ivoblog-mfw-35-after prada

after Prada / Milan SS19

ivoblog-mfw-36-after missoni

after Missoni / Milan SS19


Linda Tol after Missoni / Milan SS19

ivoblog-mfw-39-carmen hamilton

Carmen Hamilton before Prada / Milan SS19


Caroline Daur after Prada / Milan SS19

ivoblog-mfw-41-after prada

before Prada / Milan SS19

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