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I’m going to start this post with a question: do you think it’s ethical to wear vintage leather or fur?

Because I’m in doubts here. From one point of you – vintage leather or fur pieces are completely ethical to wear and to be frank, I’m more on this side. It’s already done, so you’re not adding more value to the current sales. Also, by wearing vintage/second hand garments you are already being eco-friendly. However, some people think that you’re still promoting the use of animal materials and I can’t disagree 100% too. So, help me out! Do you have an opinion about this topic at all? If you do, feel free to share it with me and maybe you’ll help me to decide on which side of the scales am I.

A very deep beginning, I know. Yet don’t worry, the post is not about that. My intention was actually to tell you all about the new online issue of the “Lamu Slenis” magazine with three outfits I styled and a little interview with me. Check this link HERE (page 162 to be exact) and enjoy the read!