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Wearing: texture knit sweater – Lindex, denim cullotes – H&M, heels – BEBO shoes, sunglasses – H&M

Photos by JABR

Before going any further, let’s take a moment to appreciate my sweet sweet pink candy sweater. I picked it up before my trip to England, thinking “I don’t own anything like that”, which is very true – I do not. Yet now I do and that was one of the best decisions, I simply cannot stop wearing it! It’s from Lindex and it’s now on sale(!!). Keep that in mind, if you’re up for some candy wardrobe update.

However, today I actually want to talk about colours. Yes, you heard me right! It looks like I’ve been converted into a colour person. Well, maybe not completely, maybe not for life, since wearing black I still feel my most comfortable self, but at least this summer season, I’m close to becoming a rainbow! A unicorn! An ice-cream cone! Anything that is not dark. All I had to do, was to get a few bright items that I truly love and want to wear them much more than my all-time favourite black wardrobe hits.

I completely understand that wearing colour can be the scariest thing ever, but trust me, it’s worth it. Following these 5 simple tips should help you to add more bright tones to your looks.

| Incorporate one statement piece, like a jacket or a pair of flats and keep the rest of your outfit black. That way you will still feel comfortable, yet will definitely start seeing the effect of wearing colour.

| Explore that mysterious world of prints. No matter if it’s a pink/red/purple printed shirt, or just a scarf with red string stitched in, adding some patterns will make a huge difference.

| Signature pieces of jewellery is a perfect way to start playing the colour game. Also, it can be much easier to mix a few different tones instead of going just for one.

| Think layers! Put on a coloured tee and cover up with a jumper or a jacket (or maybe both!) in a colour you are comfortable with.  You will certainly feel good, yet you will also have that splash of brightness underneath.

| If you really feel like starting slow, try to switch that daily pair of black denim trousers to white ones, or classic blue/navy to begin with.

You can start slow or dive all in, yet either way it is worth a try. Once you get used to wearing colour, you will most likely find yourself ditching black more and more often. At least while summer lasts!



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