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I can definitely call Resort collections my favorite. Of course, I like to follow rtw and couture as well, however, Resort shows are the ones I am waiting for the most. Don’t ask me to name any particular reasons, since I can’t think of even one. It’s like magic, or love, or pancakes, or love for pancakes – you can’t explain why and how, it’s just there.  This season I loved it in particular.  So much, that I’ve even decided to dedicate a gigantic board on my Pinterest profile and share some of my favorite outfits here with you guys.

The post is separated into three sections: firstly, you’ll see my top 5 that I chose from collections of the well known brands, the second one features my three golden discoveries and the last one is just.. I won’t tell you, make sure you reach the end and you’ll find out.

Sit back, relax and enjoy this flow of perfection.




Surely a number one. The practical aspect of this collection is one of the main reasons, why. You don’t look at these clothes as a holiday and only holiday-ready. It is a collection of looks that you will be able to adapt to all kind of events. Amy Smilovic want her customers to forget about seasons or occasions in which we often tend to section our lives. “It’s really about living the life that you have instead of bucketing your life into your ‘vacation life’ or your ‘Instagram life’ or your ‘going out’ life,” – she says. And I completely agree with such approach. Photographs in the background of the lookbook that were actually taken by her parents in Hawaii in the ’60s is simply a cherry on top.

ivoblog --- resort2019-tibi 01

ivoblog---resort2019-tibi 01


To be frank, I had trouble deciding Tibi or Givenchy should be in the very top of my list.  Pretty much every look in the collection, both women’s and men’s, is what I would wear daily. Strong character combined with elegance, the influence of different cultures, great choice of color palette and fabrics – I could name the pros all day long. There are no cons in this collection, I believe it hits the current trends and it definitely hit my heart. Tibi won me over only by adding the sentimental value to their concept.

ivoblog---resort2019-givenchy 01ivoblog---resort2019-givenchy 02


Monochrome red looks and safari prints – say no more, I had to name Roberto Cavalli here too. Cavalli presented a traveler that is confident, free and, certainly, sexy. Paul Surridge explored a world of bohemia today: “I gave myself the challenge of finding a subtler way of modernizing the idea, thinking about what bohemia really means today. For me, it’s just an attitude; it’s the freedom of expressing yourself, really. And at Cavalli, it’s a feeling always mixed with glamour, which again, for me, means the strength and confidence of standing for who you are.” What’s not to adore?

ivoblog---resort2019-roberto cavalli 01

ivoblog---resort2019-roberto cavalli 02


A free woman was walking down Louis Vuitton’s runway, as well. Eclectic tailoring and over-sized shapes, together with precise layering and fabrics that added a vintage feel to the collection – all of that stole my heart.

ivoblog --- resort 2019-louis vuitton 01


This is simply amazing, it felt like Versace took me back to my childhood. The whole collection was nothing like others, for which I give Versace bonus points, however, to me, 90s-workwear-inspired, oversize ensembles worn with matching thigh-high boots is an absolute highlight.

ivoblog---resort2019-versace 01




As I told you before, the second part of this post is about the discoveries. You might have heard about them before, since all of them have a strong customer base already. However, these brands are discoveries to me and I am glad I found out about them. Better later than never!


This could probably be my discovery of 2018. At least it looks like that for now. Not your daily office outfit, obviously. More of a beautiful daydream vision, since all these beautiful gowns call for a very special occasion.

ivoblog---resort2019-reem acra 02


I wouldn’t mind to own every single piece in this collection. How could I even not know about them?

ivoblog---resort2019-solace london 01 ivoblog---resort2019-solace london


This definitely gives you a feeling of an extremely relaxed vacation. Or a relaxed lifestyle. Very much like Tibi, Co designers Stephanie Danan and Justin Kern created a collection not only for an occasion, but for every moment in your life. Just in a more minimalistic manner. With all the maximalism going on around, this makes sense to me as well.

ivoblog---resort2019-co 02 ivoblog---resort2019-co



If you have scrolled down until here (I love you so much for that, my precious reader), you definitely want to see the third part of this post. I couldn’t not to mention these two brands, that did such an excellent job documenting their collections. A big round of applause goes to Valentino and Antonio Berardi! For effortless aesthetics (you know, how much I love #effortless) and tasteful sarcasm.

This reminds me: never ever take things too seriously. Well, except for your espresso and a croissant.


ivoblog---resort2019-valentino 02 ivoblog---resort2019-valentino 01ivoblog---resort2019-valentino 03 ivoblog---resort2019-valentino 04 ivoblog---resort2019-valentino



ivoblog---resort2019-antonio berardi ivoblog---resort2019-antonio berardi 05 ivoblog---resort2019-antonio berardi 04 ivoblog---resort2019-antonio berardi 02 ivoblog---resort2019-antonio berardi 01


That’s it for now, hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know if you did! Also, even if it seems like unusually long post, these are only fragments of what I liked and what was shown during the Resort presentations. Check out my Pinterest board for more selected looks and vogue.com if you would like to see all the collections.

Au revoir!


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