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So. I have hit that point in life when skin just doesn’t look as good as it used to. Just kidding, I sleep well, I fixed my diet, I’ve also started doing daily face massages, my skin is better than ever, I’m ageing backwards, life is beautiful.

Although this might not be 100% true also, but I really can’t complain about my skin too much at the moment. Especially, since just half a year ago it was unusually dry and I suffered from hormonal acne, which, even if it wasn’t too crazy, left some red marks on my cheeks and my chin.

Therefore, when biovaistine.lt texted me offering to choose one of the products from their online shop, I instantly picked the Virgin Cold Pressed Rose Hip Oil from The Organic Pharmacy. After hearing tons of great things about the benefits of rosehip seed oil, it was the perfect timing to finally try it myself.


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All pictures belong to vogue.com

I can definitely call Resort collections my favorite. Of course, I like to follow rtw and couture as well, however, Resort shows are the ones I am waiting for the most. Don’t ask me to name any particular reasons, since I can’t think of even one. It’s like magic, or love, or pancakes, or love for pancakes – you can’t explain why and how, it’s just there.  This season I loved it in particular.  So much, that I’ve even decided to dedicate a gigantic board on my Pinterest profile and share some of my favorite outfits here with you guys.

The post is separated into three sections: firstly, you’ll see my top 5 that I chose from collections of the well known brands, the second one features my three golden discoveries and the last one is just.. I won’t tell you, make sure you reach the end and you’ll find out.

Sit back, relax and enjoy this flow of perfection.


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Wearing: texture knit sweater – Lindex, denim cullotes – H&M, heels – BEBO shoes, sunglasses – H&M

Photos by JABR

Before going any further, let’s take a moment to appreciate my sweet sweet pink candy sweater. I picked it up before my trip to England, thinking “I don’t own anything like that”, which is very true – I do not. Yet now I do and that was one of the best decisions, I simply cannot stop wearing it! It’s from Lindex and it’s now on sale(!!). Keep that in mind, if you’re up for some candy wardrobe update.

However, today I actually want to talk about colours. Yes, you heard me right! It looks like I’ve been converted into a colour person. Well, maybe not completely, maybe not for life, since wearing black I still feel my most comfortable self, but at least this summer season, I’m close to becoming a rainbow! A unicorn! An ice-cream cone! Anything that is not dark. All I had to do, was to get a few bright items that I truly love and want to wear them much more than my all-time favourite black wardrobe hits.