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Village girl, or  a french girl, as we all like to call it nowadays.  And when it comes to french style, Françoise Hardy or Jane Birkin with their iconic fringe, mini skirts and all the wicker baskets come to my mind. As well as today’s instagram goddesses Louise Follain, Jeanne Damas and many others. All of them are ambassadors of this effortless chic lifestyle that connects everything from clothing and accessories to morning coffee and book on your bedside table.

To be frank, I have no clue if all of that is french at all, I was born and raised in grey and cold post-soviet Lithuania (awesome excuse for lack of knowledge), but it looks like it and I love to think that it is like that. There is no secret that I have a sweet spot for all things parisian and since weather has warmed up so much recently, this affection goes only stronger.

Adding to this, there’s no better time to fill up your closet with wrap skirts and printed dresses. For a real french girl feel and quality designs, check these four online stores below. You will not go wrong with any of them. Alternatively, you could also check out local vintage boutiques, it is very likely you would find some wicked treasures there, however, today let’s see what’s out in the world.


« Il y a une muse en chacune d’entre nous et j’espere que mes collections pourront la révéler!
Vous êtes mes Muses, Musier notre histoire”

There is a muse in every one and each of us, they say. And I agree 100%. I f you don’t quite feel like one, take another look at the mirror. You are one. This is a philosophy behind the Musier Paris, a brand created by Anne-Laure Mais, for most of the world known as Adenorah, a must follow influencer for every parisian chic lover.

village 002 musier village 003 musier

What to get:
–  1 – Bag Lucette – 2 – Top Louison – 3 – Dress Liloo – 4 – Sunglasses Camille  – 5 – Jumpsuite Nana – 6 – Dress Vivi

village 004 musier village 005 musier



A brand created by another one of my most loved instagoddesses Jeanne Damas. As french as it can possibly get. If you follow this girl, you must have had a browse on Rouje online store, too. It perfectly reflects her personality – both strong and sensual at the same time. A perfect harmony that you can easily achieve as well by purchasing anything from her clothing line.

village 006 rouje village 007 rouje

What to get:
– 1 – Gabin dress – 2 – RITA tank top – 3 – GLORIA skirt – 4 – LINO cardigan – 5 – LOLO jumpsuite – 6 – JAVA basket bag


village 008 rouje



HOT.  That’s the first word that comes to mind when you open Realisation Par instagram account. Pieces are designed in Los Angeles and Australia, where their creative teams are based and I guess this is exactly what adds the extra hotness. Their cute printed dresses would guarantee such a compliment for you too. And who could not want that (at least secretly we all do. we do).


village 009 realisation par

What to get:
– 1 – The Christy – As If – 2 – The Violette – Black and White Spot – 3 – The Teale – Rouge Fleur – 4 – The Juliet – Rouge Fleur

village 010 reailsation par



If you’re up to an edgier, yet still relaxed look with more attitude, a.k.a scandi chic, go for Ganni and you will not go wrong. This brand is a true evidence that Scandinavian fashion is not all about traditional minimalism. Far beyond that. Flowy fabrics, endless prints – every time I enter Ganni store, I fall in love with their designs all over again. Based in Copenhagen, Ganni definitely is loyal to the most important Nordic tradition – quality.

village 011 ganni village 013 ganni

What to get:
– 1 – Joycedale Maxi Skirt – 2 – Roseburg Crepe Off Shoulder Top – 3 – Wilkie Seersucker Top  – 4 – Fairfax Georgette Wrap Dress – 5 – Tilden Mesh Wrap Dress

village 014 ganni


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