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Wearing: top – vintage, bag – Whiting & Davis, trousers – Joseph Janard

Photos by Greta Zilinskaite

Weather report! Lithuania is amazing at the moment. It’s absolutely crazy how hot and sunny every single day is. Blue sky makes me honestly happy and so does this outfit. I realize this look is like from a few decades ago, yet I kind of like that. Usually I get inspired by movies (old ones especially) and I shop in vintage stores fairly often, so no wonder why sometimes even I have doubts if I am still up-to-date. However, I swear by dress how you feel rule and it works every time. I mean, if you feel great in what you’re wearing, it doesn’t matter what trends are on and what others think about your look. Especially, what others think. That should never ever be on your mind.

What should be on your mind while dressing up, are these 5 things I listed below. They might sound basic, because they actually are basic, yet it is still easy to forget all of that sometimes. So, read it, write it down and repeat every day until you know it by heart.

HOW DO YOU FEEL TODAY. Obviously. On some days you just don’t feel like wearing bright red and that’s ok. Wear black if you feel like it. Just don’t be afraid to go all out if you want to.

WHAT YOU LOVE. I am the kind of person that gets a new jacket and can wear it day to day until it needs to be washed, with no shame whatsoever. The same rule goes with cocktail dresses, too. If you buy a gorgeous dress, that you adore, let’s say for your friend’s wedding, why not to wear it to your sister’s wedding too? As long as you still like it a lot.

WHERE ARE YOU GOING. Well, this is what one must always pay attention to. For example, many offices have a dress code and you should respect it. Or another example, short shorts (when half of your butt is showing) are not ok for a walk in town. Tremendously not ok, to be frank. You shouldn’t care what people think, but you must simply respect them.

WHAT THE WEATHER IS LIKE. One more obvious one.

SHAPES THAT SUIT YOU. Finding ones might take years of mistakes, yet when you do find what suits you best, stick to it. And never forget those mistakes you’ve done, life gives you lessons on purpose.


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