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You know me, usually at least one item in my outfit is vintage. I like to mix it up and don’t try to tell me that I can’t wear my 0.5 eur skirt with a Hermès bag – I won’t listen. Actually, I believe that it is exactly the key to creating a unique look. Designer pieces are great, high street fashion is fun to play around with, yet very often a vintage item is the one that attracts everyone’s attention and gets complimented the most. Well, at least for me it is.

This time my outfit is all vintage, there’s not much mixing (except the shoes, which I bought as an emergency pair of heels for £3 in Primark). I did that on purpose, to show that it is possible to create a look that overall costs less than grabbing a drink on a Friday night out. You know what the total cost is? Around 6 eur. I get asked a lot, HOW do I do it, so today I decided to give you a little how to. There’s no magic, unfortunately, only basic guidelines I try to follow when I’m hunting for second hand treasures.

1| Trash or treasure

Oh yes, that’s a fine line. There’s something about the vintage stores. You go in, see all the lovely clutter, get high on it and end up with a pile of crap in your wardrobe. Been there, done that. In order to avoid that, the most important thing is to know what are you looking for. This is the key to any kind of smart shopping. Before you go in, think about what you already have in your closet and what could you easily add to it. Also, check what’s hot at the moment, and remind yourself, what looks hot on you. The perfect scenario would be to make a little list, it makes it so much easier not to loose your mind.

2| Fabric is everything

Trust me, you don’t need another polyester blouse in your closet, even if it costs 1 eur. Well, unless you’re about to attend a themed 80’s party, then go for it. Otherwise, always check that label – the more natural, the better. No matter if you get stuff almost for free, it should still be practical, wearable and look good.

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3| Men’s wear is the new wear

Probably not so new, since we’re talking about thrift shopping, yet still very under-estimated. Personally, I wear menswear pieces all the time. I am 175 cm tall and I have wider shoulders, so maybe it’s much easier for me to swear by it, yet give it a try before judging! Slide over to the boys’ section for button-up shirts and oversized jumpers. Usually jackets and trench coats are worth taking a look at, too.

4| Look for help

If you really feel completely hopeless every time you enter a vintage store or a charity shop, simply ask a friend for help. Probably all of us know that one person, who keeps surprising everyone around with the most unique vintage pieces all the time. Be smart, use him/her as a luck charm. Thrift store shopping should be fun anyway, so why not to make a day out of it, with someone who seems to be overly talented in this kind of stuff.

5| DIY

I haven’t used these three letters for so long! Remember it was a big thing at one point? Although, I think it still is a thing, or it still should be a thing, especially when going for secondhand. Very often all you need to bring an old item back to life is only changing buttons, or taking out the shoulder pads, or changing a belt, etc. Be creative! However, don’t be too creative. If you know for sure that you don’t have time for sewing, or taking the garment to a seamstress, don’t buy it. Save your time and your closet space – you will find something else that fits you – trust me.


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