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blouse and turtleneck – Lindex, trousers – vintage, sneakers – Deichmann 

photos by Greta Zilinskaite

Layers of clothing and layers of thoughts. For me it’s quite easy just to sit down and write. It can last for hours and it’s always been like that. However, when it comes to describing my outfits, I get an instant block in my head. Is it just me, or is that completely normal? I mean, I could give you tips, I’m pretty good at giving advices, yet talking about what I’m currently wearing seems a bit vain. A small paragraph – yes, that feels right, but a whole article… That sounds like a waste of time. There are a bunch of pictures for you to see what I am wearing, right?

You might wonder, where am I getting with all of this? Well, I made myself few promises recently. First is to get back to blogging, for real. Second comes from the first and it is to start publishing actual written posts, that are more than 100 characters long. I’m sure I will struggle in the beginning since I still don’t have a crystal clear vision of what kind of content you’ll see here. My goal is simply to let my mind flow, let’s see where it takes me. Here’s a chance for you to give me some bits of advice, I’m very open to all of them at the moment. Either way, you can be sure to find the usual outfit posts and moments from events I attend, together with some dear diary rambling thoughts, styling tips, interviews and updates about my beauty routine.

The real question, which I still haven’t answered myself, is, what should I write about under these outfit posts? I certainly can’t go on for more than one paragraph about how awesome this blouse is (no matter how much I would love it) and at the same time, I don’t want you to come here to read something that doesn’t connect with the visuals at all.

Please give me a bit of time to figure that out and until then – I hope you’re enjoying this beautiful weather as I am. Layering thin turtlenecks and flowy blouses.


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