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See my face in the selfie above? Even though the biggest secret is a great night sleep (and happiness after having a morning croissant), I’m wearing makeup too. Not much of it, since I’m surely too lazy to spend an hour in the morning to fake my beauty. However, there are few things on my face. Over the years I found some tricks that take around 5 minutes and only a few essential products to make myself presentable.  This is the look I go for when there is no time for more (a.k.a always), when I have meetings straight after a flight (no one should travel with makeup on!) and also when it’s only 11AM on a Sunday, like in a pic above. Honestly, I believe this is all you need on a daily basis (well maybe a touch of red lipstick from time to time), it’s spring after all!

No makeup should start without this step. Moisturized skin is pretty much the secret to a dewy glowy face we all want.

I use: currently it’s Bioderma Sensibio Light face cream, Avène soothing eye contour cream and some kind of moisturizing mask once a week (haven’t found THE ONE  just yet).

You can either start or finish with concealing where needed. For me, the key areas are usually under eyes, around the nose and on blemishes. Once this is done, you should feel much better already.

I use: Inglot cream concealer. I’m pretty happy with this one at the moment!

A fairly important step but if you already have good-looking skin, either a light foundation, or a BB/CC cream should do the job.

I use: L’oreal True Match works perfectly fine for every day.

One more essential step is your brows. At the end, it makes a huge difference, so make sure you spend enough time to perfect them. Tinting is not specifically needed, even though I quite like it. Yet you should at least brush them (and try to use either a brow mascara or some hair-spray to fix all of it).

I use: Inglot pallete with an angle brow brush plus Brow Drama by Maybelline for which I swear for a few years now.

Glowy dewy almost sweaty, right?  Well, maybe not the sweaty part, yet the glow is crucial. A bit on the top of the cheeks, a bit under the eyebrows, a bit above the top lip and a bit on the middle of the nose bridge – this is what I’m usually going for.

I use: Clinique chubby stick. Very easy to work with and very convenient to carry around if I need to.

Of course, moisturizing comes first. So feed your lips with balm to begin with. After that, even for a no-makeup makeup, I would suggest to add a tint to your lips. Explore the lipstick world to find which shades work best for you, choose a few for different occasions/seasons and stick to them, especially when you’re in a rush.

I use: Burt’s Bees lip balm (works wonders for me) and MAC huggable lipcolor lipstick in color extra-sweet. I’ve tried it out just recently and it’s in my everyday essentials already! Extra-sweet, yet not too sweet.

Of all the steps listed above, this is the one that could be skipped. I skip it all the time, for an even more effortless and more natural look. However to pop out those eyes, a bit of mascara doesn’t hurt sometimes.

I use: YSL Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils


Talking about hair – wash them as usual, shake them off, spray some My.Organics leave-in conditioner on it and go out! No blow-dry, wind outside will do the job. That’s it, 5 minutes to get ready, as I told you!

My partner in crime in the pic and a selfie hand – @neretos


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