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Artwork – Andreas Lieyet

I – Mango (here)
II – Aeyde (here)
III – Alyx (here)
IV – J.W.Anderson (here)
V – Balenciaga (here)

Here I am, back with weekly suggestions for autumn wardrobe updates. And it’s time for THAT pair of boots. The one that you keep wearing all the time, even if there are ten others waiting to be taken out for a walk.

Normally I would say that THAT pair of footwear should be something like classic Chelsea boots, in black. Always comfy, extremely practical, forever classy. Surely, you can still choose them and you will not go wrong. Yet this season, either a bright color or an eye-catching detail on your feet is a must. Especially if you are a true minimalist. It’s time to shake it up.

Even with a heel, which, as you see, is red, I really think that these Mango boots are the most practical on the list. Why? The answer is simple. That heel is quite wide, so you should feel comfortable wearing them on daily basis. Also, the shoe itself is black so you won’t have to try hard in order to put an outfit together and that red heel will actually become a complimentary accent to your looks.

Red is THE color this fall and going for a red pair of everyday ankle boots is a great way to spice up your outfits while still keeping it delicate. Not to mention, a very sexy way to spice up your outfits. This pair is from Ayede, a painfully perfect german shoe brand.

I mean, you would kill it every day in these shoes. No doubts about that.

This is a perfect example of an everyday pair of footwear that is comfy and fairly neutral, so it goes well with almost everything in your closet, yet has an eye-catching detail which makes it not so ordinary and definitely not boring.

You might think, who on earth could wear them in real life, right? However I could name a few. If a word practical literally means nothing to you, definitely go for these Balenciaga sky-high boots. The trend is still here, so if you are able to get those pinterest stars, why not? Surely not everyone can pull it off, you better have a distinguishing character, otherwise these shoes might put you into the shade. Yet if you’re brave enough, shine on!

Shine on no matter what, see you next week!


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