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THAT COAT. An indisputable essential, a masterpiece in the A/W wardrobe, definitely a king of the season. I don’t really believe that it is possible to go throughout all these months with only one piece of outerwear, yet I’m a true coat addict so I might be wrong. Having this in mind, I tried to think of a coat that could be THAT one and here it is, just pick one of these five beauties.

As for me, I’m not changing my mind anytime soon – one coat is not enough. And neither are two.

I – That is surely my kind of coat: long, light, black, stylish. And at the same time is a completely safe choice, perfect for all occasions. I mean, THAT coat.

II – Tartan prints or anything checked for that matter is huge this season, so don’t hesitate, go for it. Chances are you might even find a similar one in your grandma’s wardrobe. It’s an easy way to give your look an edge and to spice up your autumnal black outfits. This one above is more neutral, which of course makes it a perfect everyday coat, however if you’re brave enough, choose brighter colors or more unusual color combinations – play around!

III – I never actually dress up thinking “oh, that will seduce him” (who does??), but if I would, this coat is that kind of piece. Elegant and sexy, either with heels or a heavy pair of army boots. Definitely on a wishlist.

IV – When you see something so classy with such an amazing detailing, you don’t think anymore, you simply get it.

V – D.Efect is a coat master and getting one of their pieces is surely on a list. Dress to impress, dress for success – this kind of coat will get you both and more.

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