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I – D.Efect (here)
II – COS (here)
III – Acne Studios (here)
IV – Lindex (here)
V – The Row (here)
VI – Ganni (here)

We want it or not, only a few days are left until September comes. Of course, I will miss those warm summer nights, yet summer heat is usually way too much for me to handle and summer wardrobe is way too boring (no layers, no jackets!). Surely I’m not gonna lie saying that I’m really looking forward to those cooler days so that I could get my sweaters and coats, and those heavy boots out.

There are eight days left to be exact and we can either develop a deep form of autumn depression already or better take a more positive approach and keep your head busy switching your wardrobe content from light silky summery to more autumnal. I vote for the second option and starting with today, every Wednesday throughout the rest of August and whole September, you can expect to see my recommendations for autumn/winter wardrobe essentials.

I will start with THAT DRESS for autumn. By “that”, I mean the one that is always the right choice when you are late and you definitely don’t want to spend extra time to match up different garments. You put on that dress, quickly pick a pair of boots and a bag, grab a coat on the way out and that’s it. That dress definitely saved you once again and what is more important, no one could tell that you spent exactly five minutes dressing up this morning. Sounds good, right? Every dress I chose for this post would do such favor for you and also will make it easier when you have nothing to wear or simply are too lazy to think of something more complicated.

I – 100% silk and a guarantee of high Lithuanian quality is only a couple of many many reasons why this dress could be THAT DRESS. Naming all of them would take way too much time and since you have the visual above, I think you are convinced already.

II – The second I saw this COS dress it was a YES YES YES. It’s not for everyone’s body type, although if it fits you right, definitely go with this one.

III – This Acne dress could definitely be worn with shirt or a turtleneck underneath. Meaning you will be able to wear it throughout the whole season.

IV – This bright red beauty is from Lindex. As you know, I have an ongoing collaboration with this brand for a few years now and I can assure you that for the price you pay the quality is just precious. I have clothes that I have for quite a while and they still look great.

V –  You can never go wrong with black and especially with a black maxi dress. That’s not something I read online and I’m pretty sure many of you also know that from your own experience.

VI – Not that I encourage wearing leopard prints from head to toe too often, however I have to acknowledge that if it’s in a right place on a right person, it can look amazing. Check Ganni website for more gorgeous dresses, they have loads!

That’s it for now, I hope I helped you out to pick the right dress for the upcoming season or at least gave you directions and ideas of what to look for. And as I promised you earlier, I’ll come back with more recommendations next week!



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