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I – Victoria Beckham (here)
II – Mango (here)
III – Erikahoc (here)
IV – Mango (here)
V – Acne Studios (here)

As promised in a previous post, I’m back with my weekly shopping guide for autumn. This time I prepared a list of five day bags that could become THAT BAG in your closet. You might notice that all of them are quite classy and fairly big. And that is for a reason. Stores are literally packed with amazing shoulder/belly/cross bags and clutches and I can’t even tell, how much love I have for so many of them. However, when it comes to a day bag, most of us usually have quite a list of things that have to go in and most likely a laptop or at least a notebook is on that list. So, no matter how hard it was, I resisted to name, what I believe is, the most eccentric designers’ artwork this season and made you a list of five most practical (yet still very fashionable) choices.

That is definitely a bag which can stay in your closet from day to day, from season to season. It will look perfect with every single thing in your wardrobe and get you compliments daily, 100%. If you find it too classy, you can always add a more extravagant attachable handle (there is a wide selection of such in the market at the moment) or simply tie a colorful scarf on it. Either way, a bag like this will always benefit your closet.

Furry stuff and little fur accents here and there seem to be a thing of the upcoming season, so why not just go for it and get a furry tote? I love the texture of this one, it’s like a teddy bear from your childhood! Of course, since trends like this one pass off really quickly, you will probably wear it only one season, yet it is from Mango, so you will not leave your whole salary on the counter and it might even become that statement accessory which makes your everyday outfits way more fun.

So sleek, so perfect, surely it’s a must. It’s called The City Block Bag and it’s from Erikahoc, a lithuanian bag designer. It’s made from water resistant top grain leather and can easily be transformed into a smaller contemporary style handbag. This gets even better: the product description says that it “easily fits a laptop and everything you might need”. I mean, flawless.

This bag is more like a traditional shopper, just quite oversized and with two pairs of handles which gives a nice edge to the design and also makes the tote less ordinary. Some of you might get lost inside it, but if you often find yourself carrying stuff in your hands or having to take an extra bag – this might be the one you need.

Talking about this one from Acne Studios, I could simply combine all the descriptions above. It’s big enough to fit it all, the quality is great, so it would be a great investment, the design is pretty classy, yet the knot gives it a fun touch and of course it’s a must, this bag has no flaws. Acne Studios has them both in black and cognac brown, pick what suits you better.

Hope you guys find something you like and by all means, do not hesitate to leave a comment here or drop me a dm on instagram and tell what would you like to see next!



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