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The first thought after opening a box with these Kiehl’s goodies was, what the hell is calendula? My english vocabulary in a field of herbal plants is not the richest as you see. However the minute I put the product on my face I could guess exactly what was it. I grew up drinking herbal teas and calendula blossom tea was surely one of them. I remember as a child I even used to pick those blossoms myself from our garden.

Calendula tea has a number of beneficial substances that helps to strengthen the immune system, so it’s perfect for cold prevention or as a cure to fasten the recovery after the cold. My mum used to make me and my siblings drink this tea mainly for that, or also as a remedy for a sore throat or stomach ache, as it is known that calendula extract heals wounds inside and out.

In addition to this, calendula was used for treating a number of skin conditions since the ancient times and it is definitely still important in alternative medicine and cosmetology today. Treating acne, reducing inflammation, controlling bleeding, soothing irritated tissue – this is not even all that calendula extract can do.

You can always make those mixtures yourself, yet how many of us have enough time for that in our jam-packed schedules? Kiehl’s have a great option for those who don’t. A skincare line consisting of deep cleansing foaming face wash, an alcohol-free toner and soothing hydration mask might be exactly what you’ve been looking for if you have a normal-to oily, sensitive skin.

The main thing I loved about those products was that it’s extremely gentle and even though my skin is quite sensitive, none of these products leave my skin irritated or causes redness. Quite the opposite, I would say.

However if your skin is quite oily or if you need a deeper cleanse, I would suggest to look for a different treatment. Also, don’t expect this line to give you miraculous effects as healed acne, for that it’s better to see a dermatologist who will give you the best medical treatment. Yet for keeping great skin condition I find Kiehl’s Calendula extract products to be ideal.

You should also consider the fact that calendula extract itself is a strong allergen, due to being extremely rich in vitamin A. As with all skincare products, try it out first and don’t continue the routine if you notice any unusual effects on your skin. If it works perfectly fine for me, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for you. Although it might will and if it does, let me know!



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