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soft coat – Lindex, shirt – Burton, trousers – Lindex, sunglasses – Lindex , boots – L.Strada

This grey soft coat I got from Lindex recently is definitely my favorite thing at the moment. I am madly in love with it, for many reasons. Firstly, it’s perfect for the weather at the moment. It is super light and soft, so you don’t get too warm even in the direct sun. It might actually save you from burning those pale shoulders, if you are as sensitive to the first rays of sun as I am. Also, the color makes it easy to wear it everyday and I do wear this coat a lot indeed. Because why wouldn’t I, you can literally wear the most basic garments, put this coat on top and it makes an outfit right away. A confidence boost in a form of a beautiful soft trench.

The amount of compliments I get about it is insane, trust me. I think there’s definitely something about a girl wearing maxi length flowy clothing. It gives you some extra movement, so you walk down the street and instantly grab everyone’s attention. Just like that. Effortless.



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