coated trousers – Lindex, padded jacket – Audimas, boots – L.Strada, bag – Humanic vintage, black top – Audimas, shirt – Burton

photos taken by Toma 

Have you ever felt the urge to add some menswear to your wardrobe? Take an example from me and never ever fight it. Borrowing clothes from your boyfriend is completely in the past. Nowadays you just go to the store and buy everything yourself. Well, most of the times.

There are really no rules, just the suggestions:

  • Pick only one or two menswear items while creating a look. Or more, but don’t go over 50%
  • Don’t choose your usual size in men’s section. Still, it was created for men to wear, so it will not fit your body type how you expect it to. Go for one size down (it might fit you) or one size up (for that perfect oversize feeling)
  • Balance it out with a pair of heels, bright lipstick or a nice elegant piece of jewelry

And that’s it! Again, these are only tips. Buy all your clothes in men’s shops, wear a bag on your head if you feel like it – you’re free to do anything you like.

ivblog-audimas-puff-jacket-lindex-jeans-urban-minimal-look-6 ivblog-audimas-puff-jacket-lindex-jeans-urban-minimal-look-4 ivblog-audimas-puff-jacket-lindex-jeans-urban-minimal-look-5


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