grey sweatshirt – Audimas, coat – Fleurette vintage, stilettos – REISS, jeans – COW vintage, bracelet – Veimotti, earrings – COS, green socks – Lindex

photos by Greta Zilinskaite

Happy Friday! Is just me or it came much quicker than it should have?
Today is all about comfort. It always is, but since the days are getting darker and colder, I start to look for 100% comfort in my daily looks. And that means not just choosing the right materials and avoiding complicated cuts, but eliminating colors and bright prints too. My mind gets tired of all this stuff pretty quickly and that’s just how it is for me. You might feel the comfiest in a pink zebra print jumper and that’s more than OK. There are days I also like to peacock a bit.

However today is not one of them and I choose to match the rainy sky and damp pavements. Although everything is not that depressing when you have a batman print on your jeans and your grey sweatshirt is the softest thing in the world. There’s no exaggeration here, trust me.

Well and of course, adding a red lip and heels to your outfit instantly makes the day much better. Never forget that!


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