Beauty always was a relevant topic and it always will be.
Nick Knight’s homage to Andy Warhol’s screen tests proves this statement and it is also a great evidence of how individual beauty can be. There is definitely no formula for being a beautiful woman or a beautiful person in general. In these videos you see 48 women who are all gorgeous and yes, they are all models, however there are no two twin-looking faces, they are all individuals and obviously they are famous for being such. It is truly amazing how much putting someone in front of the camera with no direction for 2 minutes can uncover. It is much more revealing than taking your clothes on. You bare your soul and there is much more power in that.

The whole project is on this link HERE. ‘More Beautiful Women’ evolved from Nick Knight’s commission to photograph the most famous models of the twentieth century for the Millennium issue of British Vogue. In addition to that, I highly recommend reading an interview with the author, for the better understanding of why Nick Knight did all this. You will enjoy it, I promise.


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