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Those who follow me on instagram know that yes, I moved to Milan recently. So I escaped the lithuanian snowdrifts and I really can not complain about the freezing cold, but it is still winter.

And of course, the best way to keep yourself warm during these months is layering, knits and wool blends. The holly three that will help you to survive until March.

I had a good browse on StyleWe online shop and picked my favorites for you that are both stylish and practical in this winter weather.

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burgundy two piece midi dress – HERE
pink blush boat neck sweater dress – HERE

black knitted cashmere dress – HERE
white one shoulder sweater – HERE

I will start with everything knitted here. Knits are probably the first thing you think of buying for the winter season. And there is a clear reason for that. Either cashmere or woolen sweater is an essential winter wardrobe staple. However a jeans + sweater combination can become pretty boring, so make sure you check more options as knitted dresses or sleeveless sweaters, that can be easily worn with different shirts and blouses. Buying a two piece dress is also a really practical choice, since you can not only wear those parts together, but also mix them with the pieces that are already in your closet.

Of course after that you need to finish your outfit and here comes my favorite part of the dressing up. Picking an outerwear or shopping for outerwear – nothing beats it. The right coat can easily become a statement piece and also describe your style and personality. Also, if it is made out of a right material,  it will keep you warm and you will never complain about going outside again.

The first two are more like wardrobe staples, your safe everyday choices, while the other two are the ones that will definitely help you to stand out in the crowd. Honestly, I would not refuse to have them all in my closet – they are just perfect.


black wool blend coat – HERE
grey wool blend coat – HERE

black-blue H-line wool blend coat – HERE
color block wool coat – HERE

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