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white top – HERE
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I don’t work in the office and even though I’m not jealous of 9 to 5 work inside, god how jealous I am for all the opportunities to become an office diva. If you wear the same little jacket all year long – well, that’s mainly your problem. In my eyes, office outfits can and should be eye-catching, trendy and on top of that – super elegant.
There’s no need to experiment with colors if you are not a fan of brightness in everyday life. Try different cuts, constructions instead or simply choose a more extravagant accessory. is my new discovery and most of the garments above are from this site. Check it out, you might find something you like too!



denim – Lindex, bag – vintage, shirt – vintage, shoes – Truffle Collection

There are those days when you don’t want any unnecessary details or heavy layering and you can clearly see that today was one of them. It’s not even that situation when you can’t find anything suitable in your wardrobe. You just don’t want anything at least a little bit complicated on your body.
And that is OK. Seriously, that’s perfectly fine, as long as you feel good.
Today I felt like my very best in those cropped denim jeans, velvet jumper, oval shoulder bag and basic sandal heels.
Tomorrow I might take out my neon pink coat of my closet. Who knows! Let’s see where the day will bring us.


swimsuit – Zaful, shades – Zaful

I promised you that my next outfit post will be featuring more stuff I purchased from Zaful online shop and here it is!
I’m really happy with this swimsuit actually. Of course it’s not the best choice if you’re going to sunbath all day long but since I’m not much of a sunbather anyway..

my thoughts on affordable online shopping in the previous post HERE





soft bra – Lindex
When you don’t want to wear a bra but you feel like you kind of have to..
Especially in summer, I get this feeling quite often. So it’s not very surprising that it’s a second similar bra from Lindex.
Lace looks perfect with the striped elastic under the bust. Imagine this bra under a sheer white shirt. Together with cropped jeans, classic loafers and my latest vintage catch you see in a pic above, it is going to be my new summer uniform.


sunglasses – Zaful, clutch – Bally, trousers – second hand, top – & other stories, watch – Daniel Wellington

a hooligan, with high-heeled sandals on because that’s how very elegant hooligans do it. these sunglasses, which I purchased from ZAFUL online shop recently, put me in such mood, actually.

normally I try to stay away from cheap online shops. of course, they offer you exceptional value, but quality is always doubtful. however people from contacted me at a very sensitive timing. all my sunglasses were either broken or lost, so I thought it’s worth trying maybe.

few minutes later I’ve already chosen a pair of these golden frame aviator sunglasses as well as a pair of different style aviators and an awesome white swimsuit which you’re going to see in my next outfit post.
shipping didn’t take long, I was pleasantly surprised that even though products come from China, I’ve waited just for 10 days until the parcel was in my hands.

to sump up with, my experience with was quite satisfying. sunglasses don’t seem to last me for long, however you can’t ask that much when you pay just a few dollars for a pair of aviators. and hey, I look pretty cool, right?




photgrapher @alixheruphoto
attention everyone, these are one of my all time favorite portraits of me.
shot by the coolest Alix Heru, with no muss and no fuss – exactly how I like it. if you’ve ever wondered who I really am, these pics show that clearly. or at least they show you how I imagine myself.
either way, Alix Heru did a great job and the whole shoot is on Sticks & Stones Agency.
check it out!