H&M Studio AW16  from head to toe
well. let’s start with the fact that I’ve made couple of changes in my life. long story short, I’ve moved back to Lithuania! I’ve spent almost two years in UK and yes, it really was a good experience, however it felt like it’s about time to move forward, a.k.a somewhere else. so here I am, back home until mid autumn, busy as never before!
so far I couldn’t be more positive about my decision. not only it’s great to meet all my friends and family, but working on new projects (secret for now) and running the old ones makes the comeback even more exciting.
here you see few photos from H&M Studio AW16 preview on Tuesday. honestly, I would take half of the collection straight to my closet. Swedish folklore prints combined with the modern approach to fashion is equal to pure awesomeness.
can’t wait for autumn to come!
kisses to Kriste for helping me out with the pics!


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