Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking
by Susan Cain

it doesn’t matter if you’re an introvert or an extrovert. you probably are a bit of both and you probably deal with introverts all the time in your daily life.
dedicate some time for this well researched and passionately argued book. recommended by a good friend, Quiet happened to appear in my hands and oh wow, I’m so happy it did! definitely an eye-opening piece of work.



here are some latest pictures from my Insgtagram. today I realised that I haven’t done post like this for ages! melancholy of changing seasons is in the air and so it is on my Instagram profile. follow @ievaukanyte for more.


jacket – vintage, clutch – grandmother’s heritage, shirt – COW vintage, sunglasses – Braderie vintage
photos by Blessy
I strongly believe that jacket similar to this one should be one of the wardrobe staples, together with the black tailored jacket, of course. I could name numerous reasons, why, but the most important is – it gives you attitude.
and also, this outfit is an example of how to wear vintage and don’t look like someone coming from late 60’s postcard. and not to spend fortune on your clothes, and be conscious about our planet.KEEP YOUR MIND OPEN



as a little girl, I always wanted my birthday to be in summer. February in Lithuania is often horribly windy and still extremely cold, leaving no chance of celebrating your birthday outside. 
so today I chose to spent some time in botanical gardens, all bright and covered in greenery.
smiling and happy, as you see! definitely proud to be 24 years old, I have really good expectations about this upcoming year and I’m also ready to work hard to make it happen. happy 24th to me!


trousers – Lindex, shoes – Zara, top – second hand, sunglasses – Braderie vintage, bag – L.CREDI
I’m starting to enjoy wearing monochrome outfits so much! that’s actually the best way to avoid I’ve got nothing to wear disaster too. just match everything – materials, colors, and you’ll be safe without even looking safe.-I.VO-


heels – Reiss, skinny scarf – Lindex, trousers – Lindex, coat – vintage, camisole top – Lindex

I will confess, that is my safest field and the look for almost every occasion whenever I am completely out of ideas. but it is also a look in which I feel the most confident self.
tailored trousers, men’s shirt and an oversized jacket – that’s all you need. this time I layered it with silky camisole top and added a skinny scarf to the look.
and of course, I swear by one of my main dress up rules: wear heels with a masculine outfit. femininity and confidence will flow from your inside.
btw, I saw a tree in full bloom yesterday, so bare ankles are appropriate. kind of.