jumpsuit – Lindex
photos by Toma

I don’t think I know a place that is more picturesque and grants you with better atmosphere than Nida. especially if you are looking for an escape from that busy noisy routine you’re stuck in or if you need to arrange your own thoughts because everything is out of control. or if you feel peaceful already and just want to get to a serene place.
there is one thing I have to do every time I go to Nida: leave everyone I came with and spend couple of hours wandering in the dunes al by myself. this, better than anything else, loads me with positive energy and fills my head with creative thoughts for quite a while.
-in photos I’m wearing a jumpsuit from Lindex Extended collection – my number one clothing piece this summer or even this year. it looks as good with a pair of stilettos as barefoot in dunes, trust me.

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