natural beautiful skin probably is exactly what everyone is craving for. I did have it! until ~ 19 years old I had the perfect soft glowing skin. after that I started to stress out about everything I guess. but the most important thing is that I’ve been using the wrong products on my skin. beauticians were always telling me that I my skin is either normal or normal to oily, so naturally I’ve been using skincare products for that type of skin. well, no wonder it was always a bit irritated. after doing a facial here in Birmingham, it turns out that my skin is very sensitive and not oily at all.

later on I started using Pevonia Botanica lavender line for sensitive skin and it was the greatest decision I could make. it’s natural, it’s professional and it’s really effective.
firstly I use skin cleanser, which is really gentle and doesn’t cause any irritation. after that, I always moisture my skin with soothing cream. and that is basically what I do twice a day every day. I also use peeling cream twice a week and a soothing skin mask once a week. it doesn’t sound like a major effort to make, but after a while, sticking to this routine, I started to see the actual difference. now my skin looks much healthier than ever!

of course, products you use will not make all the work. here are my basic beauty tips:

– drink as much water as you need to. I don’t there is an actual number of how much glasses you MUST drink during the day. after all, it depends on season, your activity level and many other factors. I strongly believe that listening to your body is the key. just try to listen with a clear objective mind.

– make sure you get enough quality sleep every night. it’s no shocker but it does make a huge difference!

– stay positive. I mean, about everything. ignore moody people, smile, socialize, love, make love – all those things make your skin glow even more.

– watch out for that sugar. I am a real sugar addict, trust me. however it’s obvious how much your skin condition improves when you reduce sugar consumption. so ditching all those chocolate bars is actually worth it and I’m not even talking about benefits to your body and health overall.

– choose the right skincare products. I have already learned my lesson and my suggestion for you would be to make sure what you put on your skin. the sooner the better!

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