this season I’m obsessed with blue. blue sky, blue scarfs, blue everything. even now I’m writing this post wearing bright oversized blue shirt. and I’m obviously in love with blue denim items. just saw this skirt online and I couldn’t keep it to myself. how cute is it? reminds me of those childhood years a bit and is perfect for this beautiful spring, too.
get it HERE

photo – Dainius Cepla

best things happen when you don’t plan them – this rule has been stalking me forever. you might think this outfit was prepared weeks before but the story doesn’t sound like that at all. 
two hours before the INZI show I came to Toma’s loft. I changed my clothes, did a quick make up. I was completely unsatisfied with my look but luckily, Toma took us to ALL IS ONE studio which was a life saver. 
thanks to Virginija Valeišaitė, we both had a chance to wear these breathtaking outfits for the night. 


coat – vintage, blouse – STUDIO KAROLINA, earrings – Soho Rd, trousers – Lindex, heels – Deichmann, clutch – Cow vintage, watch – Daniel Wellington
my both looks for Mados Infekcija ended up to be all about brightness. blue + green + red lip + red earrings — I can’t recall the last time I was that colorful and it felt so good. I think I can even say that this combination of colors is my favorite right now. not for everyday, that’s for sure but there are those days when I’m craving for brightness. usually for me it’s either all black or so bright it hurts.