Anthropométrie sans titre, Yves Klein       /       Lindex jeans 

blue jeans are so much like Yves Klein blue – genius and never really fades away. 
normally I am a fan of black jeans but as soon as I start to feel spring coming, a little blue is more than welcome in my closet.


watch – Daniel Wellington, coat – Paul Costelloe, shorts – Cow vintage, sunglasses – H&M, scarf – vintage, shoes – Primark, white top – 2nd hand, clutch – Ginatricot
photos – Basia Pawlik
trust me, there is always a way to make your outfit more summery.
do it my way, if you like: let the wind to mess up your hair, put on some silky garments and don’t forget to take your sunglasses with you. even if it’s not to sunny, wear them until it starts to rain.
you may say I must be cold but there is no other piece of clothing that could warm me up more than this coat – the material does it’s job.
and there is another reason, why I love it so much. every time my hand slips in a pocket, I find a little stone there from a very special person. which makes me smile like a fool and what could be better than that?

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if you’re looking for an easy read – I’ve got a book for you. a perfect asset to your breakfast meal!
you probably have already read it though, I’m a bit late to talk about this one. but. if you surprisingly have not, go and buy it.
check out the most beautiful chapter (ofc, each of them is amazingly funny and smart) called take your time. something you already know by heart but also would like to remind yourself from time to time. like a daily mantra.

take the time to talk to the elderly lady next door, to read a book, to walk to work instead of riding the subway when it’s a beautiful day. take the time to escape for a weekend with friends.
take the time to listen and to get to know yourself. take the time to change, to grow, to rest. take your time to say yes, take the time to say no. take the time to be quiet. take the time to look after your body, to eat well. take the time to ask yourself who you are and what you want.
call your grandmother on her birthday and rinse your hair with cold water just like she taught you, listen to your children, breathe deeply, take the time to make fresh-squeezed orange juice for breakfast, to go to a museum, to go for a stroll in the woods and to listen to the sounds of tiny creatures in the grass. in the summer, take the time to compile a scrapbook of pressed flowers with a child, to read him a story.

take the time to take time because nobody else will do it for you /../


Daniel Wellington reached my hands just in time – I was looking for a new watch for a while. not just a watch, though. I was aiming to find something that is good quality, suitable for every outfit and also something I will never get bored with. because when I wear a watch, I wear it. and I can totally imagine myself wearing this Daniel Wellington watch each and every day. 
code “ieva” gives you a 15% discount for all the watches. just until 15th February, so go to official DW page  right away, don’t miss this chance! I’m sure you have someone around you who has deserved to be treated with a beautiful watch.
or treat yourself. that’s always a good idea.

skirt – D.EFFECT,  shoes – Primark, earrings – Soho Rd, Birmingham, coat – Marks & Spencer
photo – Fill The City

in January everyone is all about these resolutions and detox. however for me it’s more about throwbacks. throwbacks to summer, to holidays, to teenage years.. 
this time it’s a throwback to December. just before Christmas I was back in Vilnius for a few days. between meetings with my all time favorite people, I’ve also visited L.B.D Baltics showroom and made a little outfit with this d.efect skirt. gorgeous, isn’t it? easy to fall in love with.


I’ve never been too fussy about products for eyelashes. mine are naturally short and light, so during the time I’ve resigned myself that they are going to stay like this. 
however since Maybelline sent me this mascara, I’m more confident about my eyelashes. it lengthens, seperates, fans, and builds volume. I would call it the best mascara I’ve tried.
va va voom in a not overdone way!

photo – i.vo photography (model – Julie Shackleton) / black turtleneck HERE / grey turtleneck HERE

a turtleneck keeps your neck warm and you don’t need to hide under a pile of scarfs. a turtleneck makes you look like a 90’s style icon without even trying to make an effort. a turtleneck can be worn everywhere. a turtleneck can be (and should be) worn by everyone. 
seriously, i’m raising a glass for this amazing invention.
wear your turtleneck, love your turtleneck, get your turtleneck  at Lindex.

photography – Ieva Ukanytė (i.vo photography | ieva ukanytė)
styling – SQUARE
hair & make up – Justė Soblinskaitė
clothes – Julia Janus
models – Laura P., Gabija V. (Reconnoitre Models)

that’s a photo from a photoshoot I did couple of months before with my beloved SQUARE team, Julia Janus and these four beautiful women from Reconnoitre Models agency. it was all about beauty, dynamic temper and grey town melancholie. 
grey town. beautiful
 check the whole story HERE, if you haven’t seen it yet.

finding the right scent is one of the most tricky things for me to do. I was walking around all lost and miserable for who knows how long until I found this perfect Voyage d’ Hermès bottle. 
-An interplay of paradoxes, complements and unexpected alliances upholds the premise of woody notes that are fresh yet musky, familiar yet surprising, hovering between impulsive and comforting, equally at ease with men as with women.-
– that’s what the description says and it perfectly describes the perfume. the right amount of warmth, the right amount of intensity. I’m honestly in love with this scent.