morning mood



I can’t believe I’m doing this inspiration bla bla bla post right know. People who share only their inspirational pics in their blog, are they really bloggers? Possibly…Somehow…Maybe they are. But to me, there should be some personal attitude to what they show. At least.
Sharing is what people need. I understand that and I can’t say I don’t need that myself. But these photo blogs.. It seems to me that very often it’s just a need to show sth and everything what you’ll show will be alright.
Anyway, we need everything in this life. So don’t listen to my personal opinion!

1pic – by me
2,3 –
a song – Pipilotti Rist_I’m a wictim of this song

!! You should definitely listen to the song below !!
I’m in an Art Colony in Nida right now. It’s great, everything is perfect and this song is a regular top. I think it’ll always be the song that reminds me these amazing days.

 I love you, I hate you and I’m always with you!