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Here it is, February, the last month of the winter. Only three weeks are left until March comes, not the best time to buy a new coat, one might say. My answer to that is a complete opposite. Have you seen the sales at the moment? When we are talking about investment pieces that will stay in your wardrobe for the upcoming years (maybe even a decade), there is no better timing than now.


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Since this winter doesn’t look like winter at all (it doesn’t look like anything actually), let’s pay regards to it by wearing as much white as possible. Dressing head-to-toe in one colour helps to keep things simple by taking the fear of clashing patterns and the pain of mixing and matching colours out of getting dressed. No matter if you go for dramatic volumes, different textures or adapt five seasonal trends at once – the resulting look will still be effortlessly chic and put together.


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Clothes do not make the man, yet our perceptions of a person are seized up within mere seconds. It’s pretty hypocritical that we preach that it’s what is on the inside that matters yet make lasting judgements on people based on their outerwear. Plus we all know how the wrong set of clothing can make you feel worse or even the worst version of yourself. By not caring about your image we only do harm to ourselves, so why skip on learning to make the right style choices, when it’s not even that hard.


ivoblog -- christmas gifts under 50

Time is running low! The final countdown until Christmas is on and if you’re still on a lookout for something lovely to give to your family and friends, here comes another gift guide. This time,  all of the items are chosen to spread the holiday cheer without breaking the bank. Playing Santa might leave you high and dry just before the start of the New Year, so it’s time to get financially strategic with those tokens of affection. From beauty treasures to stylish home essentials – all under 50 – to shop now.




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Oh December. Snowy window sills, all the Christmas lights and jolly tunes around. Happy days! I can hardly believe that we are already halfway through.

Wherever you are in the world right now I am sure you are possibly at the stage or coming into the stage where you are in a mad rush searching for Christmas presents. Here is a little something for you that will surely appease the shopping beast and will be perfect for that picky friend who is all about style and quality. Honestly, this post could have been twice as long, but I have sized down to give you a proper selection. Every single thing on the list below is worth the money. This is the first part and they are all under 350 eur, the second part of the guide with gifts under 50 eur is coming up and will be ready at the end of this week!

So grab your egg nog (or in my case, a glass of red) and snatch that something special for that special someone, yourself included!

P.s. Just click on the links attached to shop it like it’s hot..



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Wearing: bag – vintage, cowboy boots – Kentucky’s Western (Zalando), backless dress – Femme Luxe Finery, jacket – customized vintage

Photos by @tomaszukovskij

Dress to impress or dress AND impress. I choose the latter, almost daily. And if there’s one piece of clothing that makes this task the easiest thing ever, it’s the dress. Very surprising, I know.

Correct me if I’m wrong, yet it seems sometimes, that women are afraid to dress like women these days. I mean, I love an androgynous look, too and no one would ever be surprised to see me in a full men’s suit. However, I feel that it is very important to stay intact with your feminine side, as well. It is as sexy as it gets and that’s where I believe the inner confidence comes through. I touched this topic in my previous post, take a look. 

We wear jeans and trousers most of the time, thinking that it’s the most comfortable thing to wear. I wouldn’t agree with that statement 100%. Try to put on a dress a bit more often and trust me, you will notice, how freeing it is. True, it is not that easy to climb trees and fences in a tight dress, but other than that, it’s definitely comfy. Especially, if you put on a wrap dress or something oversized and not so structured. Honestly, I feel more comfortable in a loose-knit dress than in a tracksuit.


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Wearing: shirt – Vintage, leather trousers – Vintage, faux leather top – Femme Luxe Finery, shoes – Vintage

Photos by @tomaszukovskij

This post is about wearing leather, yet it’s not that easy to concentrate on writing about leather pieces when in my mind, I’m already in sunny Milan, wearing a flowy dress, with a bowl of pasta in front of me. So, to begin with, let me brag about the fact that I’m going to Italy tomorrow. How much I missed it! I haven’t been to there since last September, which might not seem like a long period of time, yet for me, it’s way too long. Of course, there couldn’t be better timing to come back to Milan like the fashion week. It’s going to be a lot of fun, a lot of running around the city, a ton of beautiful people in the streets, a lot of aperitivo meetings and litres of good coffee. That’s to name a few. I feel almost too happy about all of it and surely I will spam my instagram with all things Italian and prepare a post about the trip on the blog as well.

However, that’s not until tomorrow. Now, after sharing my over-flowing excitement with you, we can get back to this post and this look I’m sharing today. Leather. Fall and leather is a perfect match, from year to year, from season to season. It’s full-on autumn in Lithuania, moody and cold and I am ready to leather up as never before (well, maybe more like after coming back from Milan). I’m not cheering for cruelty against animals here, but you can’t deny that leather outfits are simply amazing. And there’re ways to wear them without the guilt. One of my favourite ones is to shop vintage. If you know me a bit, you can be sure that if I’m wearing fur or leather, it’s a vintage piece.


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Balenciaga, $540

Happy autumn everyone! I know it’s still the beginning of September and probably (well, hopefully), summery days will last up until October. However, time goes quickly and it’s always better to be prepared. So here I am, back with The Basic Series, my favourite series of posts I have done so far. I have already covered wardrobe essentials like a black blazer, blue denim jeans and a white Tee. This post is very autumn-friendly as I will talk a bit more about the importance of having a pair of black boots.

How can you even live without having one? Trying to throw together a look without a pair of black boots is like trying to bake a cake without an oven (very smart analogy, I know). Especially for your day-to-day wear. I mean, I love a beautiful red pair of block heels too sometimes, but there’s only a limited amount of outfits you can think of wearing one. Even if you could manage to wear them daily, I really don’t think you want to become the woman in red shoes. It’s just too eye-catching. Whereas a black pair, even if it’s something extraordinary, like the boots by Margiela or Bottega Veneta (added below), is extremely easy to wear every single day. And also proves that practical can still be cool.



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Wearing: raincoat – Escada vintage, boots – Zara, dress – Femme Luxe Finery, bag – vintage, sunglasses – vintage

Photos by @tomaszukovskij

I’m all about being sexy.

I have never planned to write a post about it, for me that is what comes naturally without a saying, yet I feel like so many of us, both men and women, girls and boys, are still afraid to be confident with their sexuality. Let alone dress sexy and keep their chin up while doing so.

At the same time, I’m not the one who’s telling that only by showing your skin you can look hot. Absolutely not. In fact, if you feel your best covered in layers and layers of clothing – go for it! My point is, it shouldn’t take courage or extra confidence to dress sexy and maybe show a little bit of skin and shape here and there too. Why not, after all. It’s all about the balance.

Quite often I am called sexy (by men and women) and also, very often I get asked, how I manage to look sexy and still keep it classy. Because that is the actual end goal – look and feel appropriate, no matter what are you wearing. Not that I think about it when I put my outfits together, but I instinctively follow a few rules when I dress up. I did my best to structurize it for you and came up with the top four: