1989 Vivienne Westwood Film Clip. Starring Sara Stockbridge, Stephen Marcus & Lol Coxhill


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boots – Zara, sunglasses – Chloe, watch – Daniel Wellington, bag – Zara, jacket – H&M, skirt – vintage

photos by @ovidijusmaslovas

Even if days are still warm here in Milano, you can definitely sense that these are the last ones. There is definitely no need to be sad about this, I am rather excited to take out all the scarves and coats and start to layer up a bit, yet why not to enjoy the mild autumnal sunshine while it is still here and take those flowery prints out one more time, right?


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Belated iphone snapshots from Milan Fashion Week, which was pretty much a week of running around the city. Not all of it, but you might have seen some of those pics on @ivoblog. Stay tuned for more!

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1 / United Colors of Benetton event at La Triennale di Milano // 2 / Palazzo Clerici // 3 / Hiding from the sun with Chloe shades, wearing sweater knitted by my mum and a Chanel bag

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5 / 6 / 7 / CDivertiamo presentation, Alain Tondowski footwear

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8 / Palazzo Clerici  // 9 / 10 / Fashion Shenzen // 12 / Wearing Zara boots, Chanel bag, handmade sweater and H&M leather skirt  // 13 / Daniela Gregis at Oratorio della Passione

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