ivoblog -- faux furcoat (8)

Wearing: bag – vintage, velvet suit – Lindex, sunglasses – vintage, coat – Marco Pecci

Photos – Greta Zilinskaite

Just a casual look on a casual day. These days my mission is to complain about the darkness as less as possible, I think I’ve been doing it a touch too much. However it’s not that easy, the sunset is in the middle of the day, I mean! Other than that, life’s pretty good, some exciting things are still coming this year, so stay tuned.



December.. already! It means it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas and a lot like Christmas shopping madness as well. It’s always better to get this done early, so the time to fill up these carts is just right. If like me, you find yourself getting a little carried away this time of year, here’s a little something just for you that will surely appease the shopping beast and won’t break the bank.

I present you a list of the best festive gifts that you can get your mitts on. And don’t worry, it’s all under 50 eur!

ivoblog -- stylish christmas guide under 50 euros (1)

1// Large Aqua Cultura vase from minima. makes an amazing gift for a minimalist flowerholic who cares about his/her home looking cosy. Designed and manufactured by Kinto, it is composed of 2 parts, the plate and the vase, which make taking care of plants easy. The plate supports the growing leaves such as herbs and it is also perfectly shaped for bulbs like hyacinth and seeds like avocado. ivoblog--stylish christmas guide under 50 euros--2

2//  Another great gift that I found on minima. online store is this Stool 60 / 80th Anniversary poster, designed by Greige in 2013. They ship internationally, however, if you are ever around Birmingham, UK, minima. has their store in 58 George Street, Birmingham, B3 1QA. Feel free to stop by, I’m sure you’ll find tons of amazing options for Christmas gifts, or just for your own home.


ivoblog -- autumn look (5)

Wearing: coat – vintage Paco Rabbane, red denim jacket – Lindex

Photos – Greta Zilinskaite

The story of ‘how I got this coat’ is pretty basic and I believe it tells a lot about my shopping habits. I bought it last season, from a second-hand shop (as quite a few of my favourite clothes),  I still love it and I will for a while. I have written an article on buying vintage this spring, check it out HERE if you haven’t yet, it’s all still valid! I think Humana and thrift shopping is very underestimated, especially in Lithuania. Let me know, if there’s any other place where you can hunt down a vintage Paco Rabbane for only a few euros. I’m not aware of such.



When days are freezing and dark like that, the only thing you can do to fight this November moodiness is drown yourself in sunny memories that hopefully will give you at least a bit of warmth. That’s exactly what I did yesterday and I realized that I haven’t shared even one pic here. September and the beginning of October I spent in my beloved Italy and it was a blast! Not only because Italy is always amazing, but since I used to live there for almost two years, it was great to see all my favourite places and favourite people once again. I also went down to Liguria for week, simply to have some time for myself, which was the cherry on top – I loved it so much!

This post is not a guide to travelling in Italy. It’s more like a fun snapshot diary. So many things I’ve done and places I’ve visited are missing. However I hope you’ll enjoy bits of my autumnal Italian trip and next time I think I will prepare a proper guide for you guys. There are tons of things I could reccomend! Let me know if you think it’s a good idea too. Kisses!


ivoblog--milano-liguria-travel diary (3)

1/ Italian pizza // 2/ Bestie who came to see me all the way from Swiss // 3/ Sunny lovely blue sky

ivoblog--milano-liguria-travel diary (2)

4/ 5/ 6/ Espresso per favore



IVOBLOG - denim ootd with escada coat (1)

Wearing: Jeans – Lindex, bag – vintage, top – H&M, neon pink jacket – Escada

Photos – Greta Zilinskaite

No matter what season we are currently in, a quality pair of denim trousers is always a MUST in your closet. It’s comfy as * and extremely versatile too. Unless you’re attending a black-tie event, it’s hard to come up with an occasion where you couldn’t pass with a jeans’ look. With the right fit and the right accessories, of course!

This outfit is pretty much my uniform these days. Great for picking up groceries, comfy for travelling, presentable enough to meet your friends in town – you name it. With your hair slicked up for immediate chicness and a pair of sparkly earrings, this could easily become a perfect party look. Or it also could be dressed down to a casual ‘weekend in the countryside’ ensemble – just switch to a pair of sneakers and throw on a chunky cardigan to keep you cosy and warm.

I could keep naming great options non-stop, yet firstly you need a good pair of jeans, right? I trust Lindex for a number of years now. They have a plenty of fits for every body type, I’m sure you’ll find something just for you.



ivoblog -- sweaters for autumn 2018 (10)

By Malene Birger

The “stay warm” topic is very much relevant today, as it is getting colder every hour, and it will stay relevant for four more months (if not longer), at least in the northern part of Europe, where I am based at the moment. That said, I prepared a little post with my top choices for this season. When it comes to sweaters, I am a big believer in quality materials since that is exactly what will help you to keep the optimal body temperature. Lucky me, my mom has golden hands and knits from time to time (check the latest piece of knitwear here), so during the years I’ve gathered a nice collection of thick, -30°C weather approved sweaters.

However, I’m still not sure that what I have is enough for a Lithuanian winter, so I took some time to surf through online stores and check what’s good in there. Here’s what I found, I hope you’ll find something you like too! Or at least you’ll get inspired to wrap yourself up in some warm knitwear. There’s definitely stuff to choose from.



IVO BLOG knits for autumn (14)

Wearing: trousers – Mango, bag – vintage, sunglasses – vintage, jumper – handmade knit

Photos – Greta Zilinskaite

I don’t enjoy days getting shorter (who does?), but the fact that you can wrap yourself up in numerous layers of garments makes autumn so much fun! It’s a season when you can easily get away with wearing half of your wardrobe at once. In order to stay warm and chic, of course. A pair of trousers + a dress + a knitted jumper all together is more than ok. Actually, I could have probably put on even more layers, like a shirt underneath (for that collar brim to come out) and a thick coast-west on top. Yet the day wasn’t as cold, so I stopped where you see I did.

You probably already got the idea of what my main tip for staying warm during the winter is. And yes, you’re right – LAYERS is the word. Surely, you can also look into those termo underwear brands, I heard that helps too but layering seems to me like a much more fun way to survive the cold season.

Try it yourself and stay warm.



Milan SS19



Caroline Daur before Prada / Milan SS19

ivoblog-mfw-02-julia banas

Julia Banas after Missoni / Milan SS19

There’s no better time to try shooting street style than September, right? I think so too. This time during fashion week in Milan, I’ve decided to take my camera and, with hundreds of other photographers (no exaggeration), explore the streets outside the shows. I’ve been aiming to do that for a while now – finally I did. And boy, what a parade! From casual and classy looks to wigs, neon and glitter – you could find it all.

Since this was the first time properly shooting street style, I didn’t have any expectations of how the pictures will turn out. However, I’m quite happy with the result, so here’s a massive gallery of MFW SS19 street fashion – sit back, relax and I hope you’ll enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed taking these pictures.



ivoblog---white shirt-scandi look 017

Wearing: shirt – Suit Supply, skirt – Lindex, shoes – Finery London, sunglasses – H&M, bag – vintage

If you would ask me, what my number one wardrobe staple is, I would say it’s a white shirt. Without a blink. Very likely it will be an oversized one and even more likely, it’s simply a men’s shirt. Why men’s? Well, I believe, and you probably already heard me saying that men’s clothing suits me really well. But also, it’s usually much easier to find a better quality oversized white shirt in men’s clothing stores.

It might sound boring, but with the right accessories and the right lipstick, it never is. That’s why it’s such a genius piece of clothing – simple and chic. So, hoping you already have your favourite white shirt in your closet, I’m giving you out a little when & how, a.k.a everything you need to know about styling the white shirt.  (more…)

If you are following my instagram account , you definitely know all about my trip to Stockholm during fashion week a couple of weeks ago. It was the first time in the city for both me and @neretos, so we made sure we find the time to explore the beautiful Stockholm between all the fashion week events. In short, we loved it and we’re coming back 100%! Scroll down for a bunch of snapshots to see how great it all was:

ivoblog --- sfw-travel-stockholm 1

1/2/ The beautiful Stockholm // 3/ My travel outfit. Wearing H&M boots, Lindex denim jeans, vintage jacket, Levi’s turtleneck and a vintage bag. Bottle of water is in my hand, of course. Hydration!

ivoblog --- sfw-travel-stockholm 2

4/ Nereta exploring the city / 5/6/ More of the beautiful Stockholm. The first day we arrived there were no shows, so we were proper tourists

ivoblog --- sfw-travel-stockholm 2-2

7/ My beloved vintage Whiting and Davis bag in a fake french setting // 8/ My look for the first day of the fashion week // 9/ Metro life

ivoblog --- sfw-travel-stockholm 3

10/ Look number two. La Perla dress. vintage bag and sunglasses, cropped shirt and Finery London shoes // 11/ Details of the main venue for the SFW // 12/ Vintage shades and stripes fiesta