photography – Ieva Ukanytė (i.vo photography | ieva ukanytė)
styling – SQUARE
hair & make up – Justė Soblinskaitė
clothes – Julia Janus
models – Laura P., Gabija V. (Reconnoitre Models)

that’s a photo from a photoshoot I did couple of months before with my beloved SQUARE team, Julia Janus and these four beautiful women from Reconnoitre Models agency. it was all about beauty, dynamic temper and grey town melancholie. 
grey town. beautiful
 check the whole story HERE, if you haven’t seen it yet.


black pointy heels – Deichmann // adorable pyrites necklace – Ginger Tail  // all clothes are from Lindex
usually i don’t share my photography work here, it’s nice to have at least some things separate.
however, this time i’m so proud of my team and myself that i felt a huge urge to share these photos on my blog.the whole photoshoot and interview HERE

model – Liepa Raudonyte
assistant – Tomas Sinkevicius
hair stylist – Laura Baronaite / MY Studio
mua / stylist – Monika Ruzgute / MR
photographer – Ieva Ukanyte / I.VO photography




Visada smagu dalintis savo darbais, bet šįkart man dar smagiau. Keliu taurę už kolegę ir mylimą draugę Neretą, sukūrusią tobulus pavasarinius paltus ir taip pat už visą merginų komandą! Viena kitą, manau, supratome puikiai, todėl noriai dalinuosi rezultatu. Nereta juo džiaugiasi, tad džiaugiuosi ir aš!
Fotografė – Ieva Ukanytė
Makiažas / Šukuosena – Monika Ruzgutė
Nuostabieji paltai / Stilius – Nereta Muzikevičiūtė

It’s always nice to share my work with others, but this time it’s even more special. I’m raising a glass to my beloved friend and colleague Nereta, who designed these perfect spring coats and to the all team, as well! We completely understood each other, I think, so I’m more than glad to share the results with you. Nereta is happy, so am I!

Photographer – Ieva Ukanytė
Hair / Makeup – Monika Ruzgutė
Marvelous coats / Styling – Nereta Muzikevičiūtė

i was at home

One of the best weekends since.. I can’t even remember when I had such great time with my family and my sisters. Baking cupcakes, eating mummy’s food and sleeping as long as you want to..
That’s the result of my total chill out in my hometown. A quick portrait of my younger sister Eglė.
Vienas geriausių savaitgalių! Net nežinau, per kiek laiko. Pabuvau su šeima, su savo sesutėmis, visiškai pailsėjau, pavalgiau metams..
O čia šito poilsio rezultatas: greitas sesės portretukas.
(Buvo planuota ir daugiau, bet žinot, oras, toks kiekis maisto..)
photographer – Ieva Ukanytė / I.VO photography
model – Eglė Ukanytė
style/makeup – Ieva Ukanytė

This is a photo from my latest work for designer Audrone Kelpsaite, called THE LOOK. I had a really great time working with this designer, model, makeup artist and amazing assistants. 
Well, this is just one pic, COME HERE to see the rest of them.
model: Meda Taleikytė
 make up: Brigita Možeikaitė
 photographer: Ieva Ukanytė
 designer: Audronė Kelpšaitė
 assistants: Ugnė Martinaitytė, 
Tomas Baranauskas