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sweater – Juozas Statkevicius, sunglasses – Chloe, bag – Belly Bags, denim – JNBY lithuania

I’m back in Milan already and obviously this look was not shot here. I would easily die dressed like that and I’m not even exaggerating. While during my stay in Lithuania it felt just right.

The whole outfit (except the eyewear), as a previous one, is from BASA shop in Palanga, Lithuania. Make sure you check it out if you’re around, they have loads of goodies there and it surely didn’t take much to re-fall in love with the lithuanian design.



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bag – Juozas Statkevicius, sunglasses – Tom Ford, silk dress – Coocoomos

One day you cover up with knitted sweaters, the next day you take your silky dress out. That’s how summer in Lithuania is. Well, you never really get bored. And there’s no need to switch your wardrobe from one season to another – very practical indeed.

This whole easy breezy outfit is from BASA shop, with sand instead of floors and @ievandrulyte greeting you there all summer long. Stop by if you’re in Palanga or somewhere around!


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ivo blog --- lindex denim-zara blouse-vintage bag-2

denim – Lindex, top – Zara, trench coat – vintage, bag – COW vintage, sandals – Truffle collection

photos by Greta Zilinskaite

My favorite thing recently is complaining about the weather here in Lithuania and I don’t even feel guilty for being so grumpy about it. No one expects it to be so miserable in July. “How awful the weather is” has also become the most common topic in conversations I hear around. Because it really is pretty bad!

The only positive thing having when the thermometer doesn’t hit higher than 20C is that you get to wear your beloved autumn/winter pieces and layer it up or to wear skinny denim jeans without getting sweaty in a minute. Talking about denim, I found a perfect pair in Lindex just last week. It’s not very often when high-waisted skinny jeans fit me so well. Since I’m pear-shaped, usually it’s either too loose on the waistline or too tight on the hips. Or the length is not long enough, or the waistline is too low – lots of little things can be wrong even if it’s only a pair of basic jeans. However these ones tick all the boxes and knowing that Lindex denim is high quality and sustainable (!), without a doubt it could be called a recommendation of the month.

I’m coming back to Milan next week and I give you 100 percent that I won’t fit in my luggage but hey, this pair is really worth it, right?



ivoblog---mellow jewelry-lindex top-marksandspencenrs skirt-bershka boots-004

skirt – M&S, top – Lindex, shirt – COW vintage , boots – Bershka, earrings – Mellow. , watch – Daniel Wellington

It’s hot hot hot! And I’m definitely talking about the weather. The torture is so harsh that I could literally write an essay about the heat in town. I can imagine how excited you all would be reading that, so I will better save it for myself and talk more about my outfit here.

Temperature outside is around 30C pretty much everyday now, so no surprise I went so my lightest wardrobe items and stayed away from black for once. Which also brought me to putting these lovely Mellow. earrings on. For me they don’t work with black outfits that well somehow (unless it’s night time and it’s a party), but white and ivory tones seem to be a perfect base to pull them off. Dare to wear!


ivoblog---mellow jewelry-lindex top-marksandspencenrs skirt-bershka boots-002

ivoblog---mellow jewelry-lindex top-marksandspencenrs skirt-bershka boots-001

ivoblog --- lindex soft coat - men shirt - minimal look 3

soft coat – Lindex, shirt – Burton, trousers – Lindex, sunglasses – Lindex , boots – L.Strada

This grey soft coat I got from Lindex recently is definitely my favorite thing at the moment. I am madly in love with it, for many reasons. Firstly, it’s perfect for the weather at the moment. It is super light and soft, so you don’t get too warm even in the direct sun. It might actually save you from burning those pale shoulders, if you are as sensitive to the first rays of sun as I am. Also, the color makes it easy to wear it everyday and I do wear this coat a lot indeed. Because why wouldn’t I, you can literally wear the most basic garments, put this coat on top and it makes an outfit right away. A confidence boost in a form of a beautiful soft trench.

The amount of compliments I get about it is insane, trust me. I think there’s definitely something about a girl wearing maxi length flowy clothing. It gives you some extra movement, so you walk down the street and instantly grab everyone’s attention. Just like that. Effortless.



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