IVOBLOG - denim ootd with escada coat (1)

Wearing: Jeans – Lindex, bag – vintage, top – H&M, neon pink jacket – Escada

Photos – Greta Zilinskaite

No matter what season we are currently in, a quality pair of denim trousers is always a MUST in your closet. It’s comfy as * and extremely versatile too. Unless you’re attending a black-tie event, it’s hard to come up with an occasion where you couldn’t pass with a jeans’ look. With the right fit and the right accessories, of course!

This outfit is pretty much my uniform these days. Great for picking up groceries, comfy for travelling, presentable enough to meet your friends in town – you name it. With your hair slicked up for immediate chicness and a pair of sparkly earrings, this could easily become a perfect party look. Or it also could be dressed down to a casual ‘weekend in the countryside’ ensemble – just switch to a pair of sneakers and throw on a chunky cardigan to keep you cosy and warm.

I could keep naming great options non-stop, yet firstly you need a good pair of jeans, right? I trust Lindex for a number of years now. They have a plenty of fits for every body type, I’m sure you’ll find something just for you.



IVO BLOG knits for autumn (14)

Wearing: trousers – Mango, bag – vintage, sunglasses – vintage, jumper – handmade knit

Photos – Greta Zilinskaite

I don’t enjoy days getting shorter (who does?), but the fact that you can wrap yourself up in numerous layers of garments makes autumn so much fun! It’s a season when you can easily get away with wearing half of your wardrobe at once. In order to stay warm and chic, of course. A pair of trousers + a dress + a knitted jumper all together is more than ok. Actually, I could have probably put on even more layers, like a shirt underneath (for that collar brim to come out) and a thick coast-west on top. Yet the day wasn’t as cold, so I stopped where you see I did.

You probably already got the idea of what my main tip for staying warm during the winter is. And yes, you’re right – LAYERS is the word. Surely, you can also look into those termo underwear brands, I heard that helps too but layering seems to me like a much more fun way to survive the cold season.

Try it yourself and stay warm.



ivoblog---white shirt-scandi look 017

Wearing: shirt – Suit Supply, skirt – Lindex, shoes – Finery London, sunglasses – H&M, bag – vintage

If you would ask me, what my number one wardrobe staple is, I would say it’s a white shirt. Without a blink. Very likely it will be an oversized one and even more likely, it’s simply a men’s shirt. Why men’s? Well, I believe, and you probably already heard me saying that men’s clothing suits me really well. But also, it’s usually much easier to find a better quality oversized white shirt in men’s clothing stores.

It might sound boring, but with the right accessories and the right lipstick, it never is. That’s why it’s such a genius piece of clothing – simple and chic. So, hoping you already have your favourite white shirt in your closet, I’m giving you out a little when & how, a.k.a everything you need to know about styling the white shirt.  (more…)

ivoblog---leather suit-vintage-autumn looks 1

I’m going to start this post with a question: do you think it’s ethical to wear vintage leather or fur?

Because I’m in doubts here. From one point of you – vintage leather or fur pieces are completely ethical to wear and to be frank, I’m more on this side. It’s already done, so you’re not adding more value to the current sales. Also, by wearing vintage/second hand garments you are already being eco-friendly. However, some people think that you’re still promoting the use of animal materials and I can’t disagree 100% too. So, help me out! Do you have an opinion about this topic at all? If you do, feel free to share it with me and maybe you’ll help me to decide on which side of the scales am I.

A very deep beginning, I know. Yet don’t worry, the post is not about that. My intention was actually to tell you all about the new online issue of the “Lamu Slenis” magazine with three outfits I styled and a little interview with me. Check this link HERE (page 162 to be exact) and enjoy the read!



ivoblog---think pink-lindex sweater-white denim 07

Wearing: texture knit sweater – Lindex, denim cullotes – H&M, heels – BEBO shoes, sunglasses – H&M

Photos by JABR

Before going any further, let’s take a moment to appreciate my sweet sweet pink candy sweater. I picked it up before my trip to England, thinking “I don’t own anything like that”, which is very true – I do not. Yet now I do and that was one of the best decisions, I simply cannot stop wearing it! It’s from Lindex and it’s now on sale(!!). Keep that in mind, if you’re up for some candy wardrobe update.

However, today I actually want to talk about colours. Yes, you heard me right! It looks like I’ve been converted into a colour person. Well, maybe not completely, maybe not for life, since wearing black I still feel my most comfortable self, but at least this summer season, I’m close to becoming a rainbow! A unicorn! An ice-cream cone! Anything that is not dark. All I had to do, was to get a few bright items that I truly love and want to wear them much more than my all-time favourite black wardrobe hits.


ivoblog --- vintage 1

Wearing: top – vintage, bag – Whiting & Davis, trousers – Joseph Janard

Photos by Greta Zilinskaite

Weather report! Lithuania is amazing at the moment. It’s absolutely crazy how hot and sunny every single day is. Blue sky makes me honestly happy and so does this outfit. I realize this look is like from a few decades ago, yet I kind of like that. Usually I get inspired by movies (old ones especially) and I shop in vintage stores fairly often, so no wonder why sometimes even I have doubts if I am still up-to-date. However, I swear by dress how you feel rule and it works every time. I mean, if you feel great in what you’re wearing, it doesn’t matter what trends are on and what others think about your look. Especially, what others think. That should never ever be on your mind.


ivoblog --- vintage finds 8
Wearing: vintage vintage vintage
Photos by @_greea

You know me, usually at least one item in my outfit is vintage. I like to mix it up and don’t try to tell me that I can’t wear my 0.5 eur skirt with a Hermès bag – I won’t listen. Actually, I believe that it is exactly the key to creating a unique look. Designer pieces are great, high street fashion is fun to play around with, yet very often a vintage item is the one that attracts everyone’s attention and gets complimented the most. Well, at least for me it is.

This time my outfit is all vintage, there’s not much mixing (except the shoes, which I bought as an emergency pair of heels for £3 in Primark). I did that on purpose, to show that it is possible to create a look that overall costs less than grabbing a drink on a Friday night out. You know what the total cost is? Around 6 eur. I get asked a lot, HOW do I do it, so today I decided to give you a little how to. There’s no magic, unfortunately, only basic guidelines I try to follow when I’m hunting for second hand treasures.


ivoblog --- lindex - ootd

blouse and turtleneck – Lindex, trousers – vintage, sneakers – Deichmann 

photos by Greta Zilinskaite

Layers of clothing and layers of thoughts. For me it’s quite easy just to sit down and write. It can last for hours and it’s always been like that. However, when it comes to describing my outfits, I get an instant block in my head. Is it just me, or is that completely normal? I mean, I could give you tips, I’m pretty good at giving advices, yet talking about what I’m currently wearing seems a bit vain. A small paragraph – yes, that feels right, but a whole article… That sounds like a waste of time. There are a bunch of pictures for you to see what I am wearing, right?


ivoblog --- sundays-lindex-ootd in milano 004

bag – Lindex, denim – Lindex, top – H&M, cardigan – Sundays

Hello there! I am back again. I should probably say Happy New Year since I have not written a blog post for hundred years. The year is pretty happy so far. And since it is such a sunny day and I am back in Milan for a bit, I decided to post this unpublished look taken, well, I will not even tell you when. However, everything that you see in these pictures is still in my wardrobe and have become everyday staples.

This post is also a tiny update to prepare you for more to come! I have been planning some quite exciting stuff recently, I hope you will enjoy it. As I am going to!